The GOOD about L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Liner :

ame here i hated felt liners bt this one is different!

Stick It Felt 9 X 12-Inch, Black

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  • These differences aside, the Sephora Felt Liner in Baby Blues is a very nice (and very fun) product. I love the way the periwinkle pops on the eyes. In the demo below, I’ve paired it with a touch of black liner, just on the outer third of the upper lid and in the lower water line in order to emphasis the blue. Once the Sephora liner sets, it does stay put very, very well. In my experience, a full work day and them some (10+ hours). I’ve not submerged myself in water with it on, but I’ve sweated quite a bit and it hasn’t budged.

    First up, felt liners are very meh. Marker style liners are my go to for cat eye wings and while a prefer a brush tip, a felt tip can do the job ok. The issue with a felt tip most of the time though is that they don't glide as well as they can be quite stiff, which is the case with this one. The stiffness didn't really allow for the flicking motion I usually use for my wings, so I had to adapt but it still didn't always give me that razor sharp point I wanted.

  • When I first saw the Sephora Colorful Wink It Felt Liner in Baby Blues, two products immediately came to mind: (which retails for $22.00 USD) and the (which retails for $19.00 USD). I don’t own either of those shades, however, judging from swatches online all three products are very similar in color – essentially, a periwinkle blue.

    The Sephora Collection has been releasing products left and right lately and I’ve been eager to try what they have to offer. (If you missed my review of the Sephora Brow Thickener, check it ). I purchased the Sephora Colorful Wink It Felt Liner because I’d been lusting after some similar products when the slightly more affordable Sephora version caught my eye.

     Detailed Description
    9mm Wool Felt Liner

    Men's and ladies sizes - regular and wide

    -wide liner fits Wide and Double Wide boots

  • Now when the felt tip liners first appeared, my first thought was “about bloody time”. The concept was simple, the application fuss-free. Having said that, drawing on a flick can be tricky at times and getting them symmetrical is a mission impossible at other times but perseverance and practice pays off. Having used a fair few, I’d thought I’d put together a little review of the ones I’ve used/tried this year.

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As with the eyeshadow, the eyeliner stays put and doesn’t smudge, so your lines stay wonderfully defined all evening. The only issue I had with the felt liner is that it was slightly stubborn and didn’t want to budge when I was removing it, but with a bit of patience it will be gone in no time.