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Tranquility Adult Liners - Beltless Undergarment

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Tranquility Adult Liners (2078) Case/120 (4 bags of 30)

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  • As a specialized adult liner manufacturer and supplier in China, YuanChang also offers disposable liner, absorbent disposable underpad, incontinence underpad and disposable puppy pad, etc.

    Adult liner can be directly attached on the surface of the under pant or diaper to form a double protection, saving costs. This product is compact and lightweight, so a couple of this product can be carried for use. Besides that, there is no feeling of foreign body when using it. As well as convenience, no special treatment is needed after use, saving a lot of time. Please note that this product should be changed as soon as possible if there is discharge of urine or other body fluids to prevent ammonia rash. Before changing adult liner, skin should be clean and dry.

  • As a specialized adult liner manufacturer and supplier in China, YuanChang also offers disposable liner, absorbent disposable underpad, incontinence underpad and disposable puppy pad, etc.

    Tranquility Adult Liners are beltless undergarments for moderate urinary incontinence protection. With an adhesive strip on the back to hold them in place, the Tranquility Adult Liners are worn in regular underwear to allow the user to enjoy a normal, active lifestyle. Tranquility Adult Liners feature a slim, discreet design with excellent absorption capabilities to maintain skin dryness and control odors. Lycra ® leg gathers along the sides of the liners provide a contoured fit to prevent leakage. Tranquility Adult Liners absorb up to 15.5 ounces of liquid. Buy your Tranquility Adult Liners and other Tranquility Incontinence Products from ActiveForever today!

    Item# Description Size Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
    2078 Adult Liner 24" X 9" 15.5 oz 30 Each $14.99 120 Each $55.99

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    Adult Liners
    Both liners (beltless undergarments) are for regular underwear. Liners help maintain normal toileting patters. Discrete in appearance.

    User Benefits
    Skin protection
    Pursue active lifestyle
    Performance Features
    Superabsorbent capacity
    Adhesive strip holds liner in place
    Excellent odor control and skin dryness
    Product is backed by the Peach Mat Guarantee.

    Name Size (Waist/Hips) Capacity Packaging
    Adult #2078 24" by 8" 15.5 oz 4 bags of 30. (120 per case)
    Adult Super Plus #2079 14" by 32" 27.5 oz 8 bags of 12. (96 per case)

Adult One Liners (Some of the Best) - InfoLanka

Don't let incontinence keep you from enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle. With these Tranquility adult incontinence liners, you'll still be able to keep leaks in check while going about your normal daily routine. These Tranquility liners are designed with an adhesive strip which keeps them in place as your move and stretch. They also feature a high level of absorbency to ensure that you don't have to worry about leaks, odor or skin irritation from bacteria. Each of these incontinence pads is latex-free and features a capacity of 15.5 fluid ounces.

These pads are perfect for those who prefer a moderate level of protection. Unlike heavy-duty incontinence pads, they are more discreet and suited to an active lifestyle. Order from Cheap Chux to ensure that you get a great deal on this and other high-quality incontinence products.