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  • Further, barrel liners embodying the present invention may be formed as full length liners or as fragmental length liners at the breech end of the gun barrel.

    Gun barrel liners embodying the present invention are preferably formed of columbium or columbium alloys, hereinafter referred to as columbium base metal, which term is intended herein to cover substantially pure columbium as well as columbium alloys.

  • Barrel liners embodying the present invention, however, obviate all of these difficulties in that they have demonstrated lasting qualities and long life as well as resistance to corrosion, erosion and distortion.

    In accordance with the present invention, barrel liners may be made for assembly with a gun barrel and have a hardness within the aforementioned range, by forming a substantially tubular member of columbium base metal,

    Full Depth Spillway Barrel Liner

  • Full Depth Barrel Liner

    In any event, barrel liners embodying the present invention should have a hardness of from about Ra 40 to about Ra 70 and are formed of a columbium base metal alloy -with oxygen added in the range of from about 0.15 percent by weight to about 0.55 percent by weight.

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Designed in the 1950s by Eugene Stoner of Armalite, the AR-7 Explorer was based heavily upon Stoner’s earlier design, the AR-5. The AR-5 was a take-down bolt action rifle chambered in .22 Hornet like the earlier M4 survival rifle and the M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon’s upper barrel. The AR-5 was never issued to the Air Force because they had plenty of M4’s and M6’s in inventory, but the tooling allowed Armalite to develop the concept as a semiautomatic .22 lr rifle for civilian sales. Almost all of the parts except the barrel liner and take down screw are aluminum.