Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy: Easy DIY Basket Liner

Watch how Sailrite makes this basket liner in her step by step tutorial so you can do it to!

Checkered Deli Basket Liner, 12 X 12 Inches, Red and White, 100 Count

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  • TAG : Please note; this is the basket liner ONLY. Does not include basket.
  • Have you ever come across a cute basket but hated the lining? When you know how to make a basket liner, you can simply change out the lining to something more to your liking. Use this basket liner pattern to make a quick 15 Minute Basket Liner.

    Fabric basket liners for wicker baskets can be hard to come by. Fortunately, we’ve already planned ahead with these elegant, sturdy fabric laundry basket liners designed to fit our lift-off storage baskets. Fabric basket liners for both size baskets are available. These are replacement fabric liners for our .

  • Your baskets are a long-term investment. Achieve maximum utility and enjoyment when you replace your hanging basket liners and basket liners for wicker baskets on a regular basis. After all, replacing your laundry basket liner is much more cost-effective than replacing your entire basket.

    Need a replacement fabric basket liner (or two, or three) for your well-loved ? We’ve got you covered—literally—with these elegant, sturdy replacement fabric basket liners.

    Set of 3 One Size Fits Most Basket Liners for Pink and Gray Kenya Bedding Sets
    YOUR PRICE: $32.99

  • Set of 3 One Size Fits Most Basket Liners for Pink and Gray Kenya Bedding Sets
    YOUR PRICE: $32.99

    These sturdy, elegant fabric liners are designed to fit our , which allows the lined basket to be used both as a laundry basket or a firewood basket. The fabric basket liner keeps wood chips, pebbles and dirt from falling to the floor.

24" (60cm) wide x 7" (18cm) deep x 7" (18cm) high basket liner,

This was a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! You helped me make my first basket liner and I'd love to blog about on . I'll be sure to link back to you! Thank you!