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Bianchi Patroltek 8105 Black Hook Inner Liner Belt (Medium)

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  • As with the weather stripping the first step in replacing the beltliner was removing the old parts. To do this I first lowered the window catch so the glass could be rolled down past the original beltliner. This was easy to do since my door panels were already off the doors. I then removed the old outer beltliner which was held in with staples, except on the ends where it was screwed in. Staples also attached the inner beltliner. It however was easier to deal with because it was attached to a trim piece that had already been removed from each door.

    Once the old beltliner was off I used it as reference in cutting the replacement beltliner to length. I found that a hack saw works best for cutting the beltliner to length it however in retrospect I think a cutoff wheel would have worked better still. I learned the hard way that trying to cut it with something like bolt cutters disfigured the beltliner too much.

  • As far as reattaching the new beltliner the factory type staples were not an option and I really did not want to use screws or pop-rivets because I was concerned about scratching the glass should a pop rivet or screw work loose. As with many things that I am working on I decided to research what other people had done to secure their beltliner. After talking to several places it was recommended to me more than once to use double sided adhesive foam tape. I know it sounds hokey, but I talked to quite a few "professional" auto restores and they recommend this technique. The advantage to the tape is that it holds well and you don't have to deal with rivets and screws. I used 3M UHB (Ultra High Bond), which I got in a large role from Ebay.

    The replacement beltliner was 1/2" wide and about 3/16” thick with a stainless steel edge similar to the original. It was a little skinnier than original beltliner which I believe is 3/4" but that really did not effect function or application.



    Belt Liner

    1 1/2" belt lined with velcro hook. Features a fold-back design for easy adjustment. Sized from x-small to x-large.
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    I cut it in to thin strips and then applied the tape to the new belt liner. From there I pealed of the protective backing and applied the beltliner to the door. Making my own beltliner replacements worked just as well as making my own weather stripping and was once again less expensive than what the kit probably would have been had there been one available for my application.

— The Beltliner (@TheBeltliner)

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