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Bern Helmet Summer Liner with Visor replacement your lost summer liners for your Bern helmets.

Bern 2014/15 Men's EPS/Thin Shell Summer Comfort Helmet Liner (Black - XXL/XXXL)

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  • This is the Women's Bern Winter Hard Hat (Brock Foam) liner. This also comes in an audio version available More information on Bern liners can be found in the Bern guide.

    The Bern winter helmet liner allows you to upgrade your summer skate or bike Bern helmet for winter use. This liner has a knitted outer section and faux fur lined ear pads to keep you warm out on the slopes. This liner can be easily removed from your helmet so you can wash it to help keep your helmet fresh.

    All Bern winter liners also come with a goggle clip to help keep your goggles in place around your helmet.

    This is the Women's Hard Hat (Brock Foam) version which will fit Bern Lenox and Brighton Hard Hats only. For Thin Shell (EPS) and Zip Mold liners please use the drop down menu at the top of the page.

    We have the largest stock of Bern helmet liners available in the UK. We stock all summer and winter liners for men's and women's helmets including the Bern Baker, Watts, Macon, Brentwood, Muse, Lenox, Brighton and Berkeley. We have liners that will fit all Bern constructions including Thin Shell (EPS), Hard Hat (Brock Foam) and Zip Mold. Choose from peaked, audio, summer, winter, fur lined, hunter and much more. Find a Bern liner cheaper elsewhere and we will match the price for you.

  • Not sure which Bern helmet/liner combination to go for? Check out all you need to know about Bern helmet liners here!

    Go All Season! - Bern helmets are compatible with a large range of liners, meaning you can use the same helmet for all your action sports all year round! We have a massive stock of different liners so you can upgrade to any depending on what you need your helmet for!

    All our helmets come with one liner, which is clearly stated in the description. If you're after a different liner, check out our full range of Bern liners.

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