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    Whether you are on a mountain, road, or touring bike, your total combined wheel weight is critical to minimize overall bike weight. The centrifugal forces produced by the revolution of the wheels pushes the tire’s weight outward, which increases the amount of effort required to move the bike. This can create an obvious negative impact on overall cycling performance. SpinSkins add minimal weight and offer the most protection from punctures. Our SpinSkins Race mountain bike tire liners weigh a mere 34 grams and SpinSkins Duro mountain bike tire liners weigh only 41 grams. Other flat protection systems are as much as seven times heavier than SpinSkins bike tire liners.

    Minimal Bike Tire Liner Thickness
    The thickness of your bike tire liners is an important consideration for overall performance. Thick tire liners create a significant overlap that produces an annoying thump that can be felt with every revolution. As tire pressure increases, these overlaps become even more pronounced. SpinSkins tire liners are only .022 and .029 inches thick, which is equivalent to the thickness of only three sheets of paper. This thin profile results in a minimal amount of overlap, making properly installed SpinSkins tire liners unnoticeable to the cyclist at pressures up to 140 psi.

  • Note that I suggest that bike tire liners are only one answer. can be purchased with chemicals that are added to the inside of the tube that will instantly seal small holes. These chemicals can also sometimes be added to certain types of tubes after the fact. It is mostly dependent on the type of .

    Bike Tire Liner Puncture Resistance
    SpinSkins tire liners exceed the puncture resistance protection provided by other tire liners. Our SpinSkins Race model offers over twice the puncture resistance! Lab evaluations of puncture resistance levels are performed on the Instron Corp. Series IX Automated Materials Testing System per modified European Standard EN344. This testing equipment measures the pressure in pounds of force that it takes for a .05-inch needle traveling at a constant, automated rate of .395 inches per minute to puncture a material to a depth of .045 inches. The needle used in this testing procedure is as sharp as any thorn found in nature.

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  • Installation:
    It is important to pay attention to installation. If the bike tire liner is not installed into the correct position at the crown of the tire then it will do little good, when you ride over road debris,

Be sure to line the liner flush with the inner part of the tire