that’s a perfect black liner, Poo!!

A black or nearly black liner will show dirt fairly clearly, but so will a very light liner color, and only when it is in fact dirty.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner, Black, 0.04 Fluid Ounce

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  • Night time is when you can break out the black eyeliner and any other bold and beautiful color (or color combinations) your imagination can think up.

    This "artsy, rock and roll" look by makeup artist Tom Pecheux doesn't just look unique—it was created using a novel technique. "I was at the dentist, and it came to me: dental floss!" he said. Yes, you read that correctly. Pecheux rubbed a black eyeliner pencil along a strand of unwaxed floss, then pressed it along the top and bottom lids. This isn't necessarily a look we'll be attempting to pull off IRL anytime soon, but just try to keep us from staring at it on our Pinterest boards for seasons to come.

  • OK, so this is probably the most conventional look of the bunch. But it's a reminder of just how gorgeous a perfectly executed cat eye can be. To get the shape, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury used only a black eyeliner pencil and a Q-tip, giving us hope that, with practice, we'll eventually be able to achieve a similar effect armed with the same minimalist tools.

    The hair and makeup look at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show—pigtail braids and pale skin—had a distinct Wednesday Addams vibe. Makeup artist Dick Page enhanced the effect with heavy-handed rimmed eyes. "I'm using a ton of black cream liner, but you can get the same effect with a black pencil," he said. Page painted the pigment along the upper and lower waterlines with a small brush, blending and layering it until it became superdark and opaque. "The angle is really important: If you're working in the waterline, you want the brush to be angled down toward the inside of your eye," he explained. Oh, and "don't do it in a taxi!" Safety first. Thanks, Dick!

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    SynopsisGrey vs. Black Eye Liner. Part of the series: Makeup Trends. Grey and black eyeliner both have their own natural advantages and disadvantages. Learn about the looks that you can achieve with grey eyeliner versus black eyeliner with help from a certified professional makeup in this free video clip.

  • A black eyeliner is my go-to makeup product, but recently, I have been experimenting with my eye makeup and I have come to realize that for a dramatic look, gel liners are the way to go. I have Lancome Indigo Darling Gel Eyeliner for an year now,...
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    What you will need:
    – black eyeliner pencil or black liquid liner;
    – white eyeliner pencil;
    – light beige eyeshadow;
    – mascara.

Estee Lauder Little Black Liner - Boots

1. Make your normal foundation routine and shape your eyebrows.
2. Apply the light beige eyeshadow to your lid (if you want you can apply other colors too).
3. Take the pencil or the black liquid liner and line your eyes as close as possible to your upper lash line.
4. Take the white pencil and follow the shape you made before with black exactly above the first line.
5. Waterline the lower lash line to add more brightness to the eyes and apply mascara to finish the look.