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A naturally flattering way to define lips. Bobbi Brown Lip Liner is long-wearing and non-drying, applies smoothly and evenly, and

NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil 802 Brown

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  • The Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Tangerine is one of the new colors in the Bobbi Brown Lip Liner range. Tangerine is a pinkish orange that almost perfectly matches the color of my MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick.

    Choco fudge is pure brown color liner. Actually I didn’t have any brown lip liners so recently when I went to buy Lotus Herbals lip sticks I picked up this one . Texture wise it is smooth but nothing to boast about. It does its job at defining lips perfectly but when you try to fill the lips its feels dry and there is lots of tugging and dragging. Pigmentation is average. The color doesn’t even show up on my pigmented lips. But it would make for a good natural color for defining lips for dusky complexion.

  • The texture of the Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Tangerine is surprisingly soft. I assumed that the lip pencil would be really hard, but nope, Tangerine glides nicely across my lips and along my lip contour. I also expected the formula to dry out my lips, but again I was wrong. So far it looks like the Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Tangerine and I are going to be good friends!

    "The NEW Bobbi Brown Lip Liner Collection is the modern way to define lips. All new formula applies smoothly and evenly, it is long-wearing and non-drying, and it helps reduce feathering. Available in a wide range of shades, making it easy to find a perfect match for your favorite Lip Color. Each liner includes a sharpener."

  • That looks alright, no? With the Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Tangerine as a base, Sushi Kiss looks just a tad more even and more intense and its longevity pretty much doubles. And the contours of my lips are also a bit sharper and more defined. A match made in heaven if you ask me. The only downside? Now I want a Bobbi Brown lip liner to match every lipstick color in my stash, and that’s obviously bad news for my finances…

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I saw a woman on the subway yesterday who sported brown lip liner and nude lipstick. It’s that 90s era mistake (okay, well maybe it wasn’t a mistake back then) that gives lip liner the bad rap it has now. But used correctly, it can be a multipurpose product that deserves a place in your beauty routine. Here are a few of my favorite lip liner tips: