Supplies for Cupcake Liner Flowers:

Step 11: Cut off half of the top of the cupcake liners for extra feathers for the top of the mask.

Regency Parchment Paper Liners for Round Cake Pans 8 inch diameter, 24 pack

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  • Have child open up a mini cupcake liner and draw ruffled feathers on it. Have child glue it to the bottom cupcake liner. Have child glue two mini cupcake liners to the head to make the owls eyes.

    Have child glue the googly eyes onto the mini cupcake liners. Have child cut out a small orange triangle and glue it to the owls face. Have child glue the crescent shape to the paper to make the moon.

  • Have child glue the branch to a black piece of paper. Have child glue a standard sized cupcake liner right above their branch. Have child glue the cupcake liner with the crescent shape cut out opening to the top of the page (like it’s going to catch water) to make the owls head.

    A great cake eyeliner from the Australian organic brand NVEY Eco! Talc free, this cake liner gives a lovely deep black shade, matte finish and doesn't smudge. I use it wet with a simple synthetic brush, and it gets pitchblack in one stroke; no need to brush and brush again for a nice black line. This will last for ages. Perfect eco choice! At $24, it's not the cheapest one, but I think it's so worth it.

    Ingredients: Corn Silk, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E Acetate, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Carrot Oil. May Contain: Ci77007, Ci77491, Ci77492, Ci77499 (Iron Oxide); Ci77891 (Titanium Dioxide); Ci77019 (Mica).

    This is the NVEY Eco standard:

    Paraben Free

    No Synthetic Preservatives

    Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) Free

    No Propylene Glycol

    GM Free: No ingredients are derived from genetically modified crops.

    Not Tested On Animals

    No Petroleum Based Ingredients

    No Talc

    Certified Organic vs Natural
    "NVEY ECO Make-up is OFC Certified Organic [Organic Food Chain Certificate Number #0464]. Unlike natural labelled products, we have had to meet a strict organic certifying standard in all ingredients and processes we use, which prohibits us from using some ingredients used in natural products such as talc."

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    Cake eyeliner is the preferred choice of professional makeup artists. Specially formulated to be used wet for more drama or dry for a soft smoky look.

    net wt. - 2.0 grams


    Keep your eyeliner close to your lashes and don’t extend the line more than 1/8” from where your natural lashes stop. Always end your eyeliner at the outer edges with a slight upward tilt for a more youthful look.

    For the smoothest eyeliner lines, place your index finger at the end of your eyebrow and gently press outward as you stroke your eyeliner down to your lashes. Feather all your strokes to avoid a harsh look.

    For a thin line, use only the tip of the brush and very little pressure; for a thicker line, apply more pressure to the brush.

    Talc, PEG-2M, Laureth-4, Sorbitan, Sesquioliate, Calcium Silicate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Quaternium-15, Ascorbyl Palmitate.

    May Contain: Iron Oxides, Ultramarines, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet, Chromium Hydroxide Green, Chromium Oxide Greens.

    Step 1: Fold a cupcake liner in fourths or eighths.
    Step 2: With scissors, round the corners of the folded liner to make petals. Unfold.
    Step 3: Punch a hole in the center. Repeat with two liners per candle. (Make the top flower slightly smaller than the bottom flower).
    Step 4: Gently twist the candle into the top of the straw. (I found that the top colored layer of wax came off quite easily, leaving a half inch of white wax that secured the candle in the straw.)
    Step 5: Brush off any extra wax.
    Step 6: With the candle inserted into the straw, place two liner ‘flowers’ over the candle, stopping at the start of the straw. Use a tiny dab of glue to hold the liners to the straw.

Add to Cart (2 Pack) Fran Wilson Cake Eyeliner -Brown 2.6g.

The Cake eyeliner is a compact, water-based eyeliner. Its highly-pigmented pressed powder can be applied with a damp brush. Depending on the desired result, you can adjust the intensity of the line: the result can either be very natural or more sophisticated and dramatic. Easy to apply, it dries immediately without flaking, leaving a clean and stable line that will not smudge.