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Con-Tact Brand Adhesive Chalk Board Covering, 18 Inches by 6 Feet, Black

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  • But, I couldn’t just leave it plain. Of course not. So, I got some chalk from my kids stash and wrote and doodled to my hearts content. Any good organizer will say something like “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Well, it is much easier to give everything a place and keep everything in place with labels. The chalkboard drawer liner gave me a fun way to label the contents of my drawer. I mixed it up between words and drawings for a little fun.

    Create a writing surface almost anywhere you want with Con-Tact Brand self-adhesive chalkboard! This self-adhesive chalkboard liner works like real chalkboards. Apply the shelf liner to any smooth surface and start getting creative! And if you need to make a change, just wipe it clean. With a self-adhesive backing, simply cut to size or shape, peel, and stick. It works best on smooth, non-textured surfaces. It can be used on smooth horizontal or vertical painted surfaces although it was not designed to be used as a wall paper. Chalkboard liner can be removed leaving no sticky residue. It can also be repositioned.

  • Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Chalkboard Liner Sale: $7.50! ~ add some fun flair to your home decor, gifts in a jar, and craft projects! #chalk #thefrugalgirls

    It took me two drawers of mini mason jars, but all of my spices are organized and ready for use. Please note that the salt and pepper grinder in the back are extras and keep the mason jars from shifting as the drawer is open and closed. There is not enough room for another row of jars. I also left room for expansion in the other drawer with some empty mason jars complete with chalkboard paper lids. You can change up the order easily as well if you get another “B” spice by just erasing all of the names from the chalkboard liner and writing them back in. Chalkboard makes organization super easy.

    School Smart Musical Staff Chalkboard Liner, 8-1/4 in L X 6 in W, Hardwood Handle - 084701 - Writing & Drawing Instruments Chalk Holders

  • Here, I’ve simply covered the cardboard insert that came with the frame. Nine times out of 10, you’ll find a piece of cardboard just behind the placeholder photo, but you can use poster board, a manila folder, or any other stiff paper you’ve got around the house. Cover it with the chalkboard liner paper, put it right back in the frame, and you’re done.

Wooden Music Staff Classroom Chalkboard Liner by fromlosttofound

There is also chalkboard liner… like shelf liner only it is chalkboard. 🙂 I’ve used that with great success. Check Amazon (or local stores may have a better price) for: Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Liner, 18-Inches by 6-Feet