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InterDesign Mildew-Free PEVA 3 Gauge Shower Liner, 72 x 72 - Inch, Clear

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  • If I were to give a simple tip about making a small apartment bathroom appear larger, I’d say use a clear shower curtain liner instead of a fussy curtain. Seeing through a clear liner keeps things open and bright and doesn’t make a tiny room appear tinier.

    Would you like to protect your shower curtain, but do you love the design of your shower curtain so much that you simply do not want to hide it behind a liner? If that describes your situation, you need the EVA Non Toxic Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Built in Hooks.
    This great shower curtain liner promises to protect your decorative shower curtain. It is made from a 100% EVA Non Toxic material that promises to keep moisture, mold, and mildew off of your shower curtain, and this will lengthen the life of your curtain. However, with the EVA Non Toxic Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Built in Hooks, you get all of these advantages, but you also get to enjoy the design of your shower curtain while you are showering because this liner is semi-sheer. Easy to install and durable to use, this curtain liner will truly be an asset to your bathroom. .

  • Kids and paint equal a big old sloppy mess! Whether it's from blobs of paint dripping off of a brush or your kids wiping their grimy hands all over themselves, you'll want to protect their clothes as best as you can. Try covering them up in this adorable art smock - it's super simple to make! The tutorial at notes that you can use clear vinyl from the fabric store, but a clear vinyl shower curtain liner will also work.

    I have a clear shower curtain liner and I wash it in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent and a little bleach. I immediately hang it back onto the rod then I turn the hot water in the shower on and aim the shower head towards the curtain and let the hot water run down it to smooth the "wrinkles" out, works great!

Clear Shower Curtain Liner Review 2015