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Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liner, Neutral, 100 Count, (Pack of 1)

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  • I received the Farm print, which features red barns, green tractors, cows, chickens, and chicks on a white background. The ecoAble brand also offers the reusable cloth diaper pail liner in Cars, Safari, and Spaceship prints. Compared to many other brands, the selection of prints at ecoAble is a bit limited. However, the price, size, and quality all outweigh the limited selection, especially because pail liners are usually not on display like cloth diapers are.

    The ecoAble cloth diaper pail liner consists of a water-resistant polyurethane coated material (PUL) that contains moisture and messes from wet and dirty diapers. Generous sizing makes the bag compatible with many types of diaper pails up to 13 gallons including my , and stretch-to-fit elastic keeps the pail liner securely in place.

  • The ecoAble cloth diaper pail liner measures approximately 27 inches tall with a circumference of 54 inches, making the bag considerably larger than the majority currently available on the market. (My son measured approximately 26 inches in the photo.) The ecoAble website states that the bag can hold between 20 and 25 diapers.

    The ecoAble cloth diaper pail liner currently retails for $13.50. Compared to other similar pail liners, most of which measure smaller than the ecoAble, I consider the price an absolute bargain. I honestly wish that I had not purchased some of my smaller pail liners prior to learning about the ecoAble brand because the ecoAble pail liner is larger but less expensive. I therefore rate the price extremely highly.

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  • As with any new cloth diapering accessory that I introduce into my stash, my only requirement for laundering is that the new product must fit into my current laundry routine. On laundry day, I empty the dirty diapers from my ecoAble cloth diaper pail liner into my washing machine and then toss in the bag. I use a warm wash with detergent and OxiClean followed by two cold rinses. Once the second rinse finishes, I hang the pail liner on my drying rack in front of a fan to dry. I do recommend pouring out any remaining water that becomes trapped inside the bag during the rinse cycle before hanging to dry. All in all, I find washing the ecoAble cloth diaper pail liner extremely easy.

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Bambino Mio Disposable Cloth Diaper Liners, which when used with reusable diapers can increase their absorbency power and usability. These are made from a highly absorbent, lightweight fiber that can absorb multiple times its weight and helps keep your baby clean and fresh all day long. It features a one-way liner that captures moisture but doesn't allow it to seep back into baby's skin. The liners also help in retaining solids and keeping the diaper clean. They're also easy to use and can be washed and dried in a jiffy.