Coconut liner faded and torn apart by birds

Give your plants a fine foundation with natural, breathable coco liner.

Panacea 88588 Bulk Coco Liner, 24-Inch

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  • Hanging baskets look lovely on front porches, decks and patios, and coco basket liners enhance that natural beauty. Coconut hanging basket liners are made from the material found between a coconut's center and outer husk, known as coir. This fibrous material is shaped into matting that becomes a housing for your favorite potting soil, greenery and flowering plants. Beloved arrangements of petunias, pansies, snapdragons and daisies will all thrive in a coir environment.

    Coconut basket liners come in popular pre-molded sizes including 12", 14", 16", 18" and 22"D. These make great replacement inserts for flower baskets with deteriorating liners. And for custom projects Hooks and Lattice also offers unshaped liner rolls to create your own coco basket liners.

  • Coconut hanging basket liners are available in pre-molded sizes measuring as little as 12" in diameter and up to 22" across. In addition to pre-sized coconut basket liners, Hooks and Lattice also sells flat rolls that can be cut and molded as needed. A utility knife or other heavy duty cutting tool is sufficient to pierce through the matting.

    After the baskets were filled with dirt, the liner popped into shape and my wire planter looked great again. The landscaping fabric will last much longer than a coconut liner, saving me tons of money each spring.

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  • 24" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $23.00
    30" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $25.00
    36" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $29.00
    42" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $34.00
    48" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $38.00
    60" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $48.00
    72" XL Coco Liner
    Price: $50.00
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    I followed this method in 2 of my 4 hanging baskets a few weeks ago. These 2 baskets do not seem to growing as fierce as the others. After re-reading your instructions I realized I forgot to cut a hole in the bottom of the bag! I did, however, take a pen and punch TONS of hole through the coco liner & bag after everything was potted. I don't want to have to redo these 2 baskets but am beginning to think that might be my only solution. Before I undergo that endeavor, do you have any suggestions?

Coconut Liners for Window Boxes & Planters

Not sure why this old thread is back, but I'll add a tip. I read somewhere recently about putting disposable diapers inside the coco liners, or even inside your hanging planters before you add the dirt. If you have experience with the new generation of disposables, you know how they can hold the moisture equal to the Pacific Ocean? Well, they hold the moisture for the plants to wick back up and also catches much of the extra water from watering.