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Converse Made For Chucks 3-pk. Collage No-Show Liner Socks

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  • Called the Chuck Taylor II, the shoe will feature an insole with the Lunarlon technology available in many of Nike’s athletic and casual sneakers, the retailers said. The shoe will weigh less than the current Chuck Taylor, also known as the All-Star or Chucks, they said. Converse declined to answer questions about the new shoe.

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  • As the YouTube clip below teases to the tune of his "Work Hard, Play Hard," Khalifa’s Converse line will be available for sale on August 23 through Foot Locker.

    Before you feel outraged about Nike’s shoe technology invading your classic Chucks, it’s important to remember that Nike actually bought Converse back in 2003 after it went bankrupt. So without the swoosh, Chucks wouldn’t actually still exist. Thankfully, Nike hasn’t really messed with Converse offerings since the takeover. And the new Chuck II actually sounds like the best of both worlds. Classic Converse styling, with advanced Nike technology.

Women's Converse Made For Chucks 3-pk. Liner Socks