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Reusable Silicone NonStick Baking Cups- Assorted Colors Cupcake Holder Set- 24 Pieces by Chuzy Chef®

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  • Cupcake Liner Holder! A one dollar jar from the craft store + latex caulking in whatever color you want, using a baker's piping bag + fake cherry or other decoration. Make for kitchen!

    I just love buying cupcake liners the only problem is I never know where to put them, so I end up having a huge collection of them in my pantry. Then I ended up buying more because I think I don’t have any for the occasion that I am baking for but turns out I did, I just didn’t know it because they were shoved in the pantry! AHH… Which brings me to this weeks project! Cupcake Liner Holder

  • Use foil cupcake liners to hold tea lights. They’re cheap enough to use by the dozen, and cleanup is a piece of (cup)cake. Simply toss the liner when the wick is snuffed.

Black Polka Dot Floret Baking Cups.