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2016 Mazda CX-9 Weathertech Front Custom Fit Floor Liners - Full Set - 1st and 2nd Row - Black

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  • They are texturized to provide sure footing. That concludes the install of husky liners exact contour custom auto floor liners. Part number HL53111 and we did that on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series crew cab pickup. .

    Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series crew cab pickup, we are going to be installing husky liners exact contour, custom auto floor liners. Its going to be the front today and the color is going to be black, the part number is HL53111. Before installing your husky liner, exact contour floor liner, youre going to want to remove the factory liner from the floor board and then you are going to feed the exact contour husky liner underneath the pedals until the very front of the liner meets the very top of the floor board, and these does have molds that will go over the factory anchor points and youre just going to want to press those down over those anchor points. These are not going to snap into place, but it will help the liner to lay flush over the floor board. Now as you can see, we've got our false pedal right here, provides a nice foot rest. We also have a lip right here, by the threshold that's going to direct all the water, dirt, or snow towards the center and that way youre not going to have anything leaking underneath the mat. Also have a nice contour here, closest to the seat track, which is going to bring everything forward, into the channels which are also going to keep all dirt water or snow deep in those channels, so your feet are going to remain elevated and not be seating in any of that wetness or dirt. Also have a nice foot pad here with a grip, so that when you are pressing your accelerator or brake, that your feet are not sliding.

  • Many floor liners are fully custom-fit to your vehicle for supreme coverage and protection. These custom floor liners are designed using advanced digital measuring technology to ensure that every mat perfectly wraps around every contour and curve of your floors. Others are universal or semi-custom fit, but they can easily be trimmed to better fit your floors. No matter what you're looking for, from to any vehicle under the sun, the right Floor Mat or Liner is waiting for you at Auto Accessories Garage.

    A perfect combination of the rigid, 3-D shape of many custom floor liners and the soft, flexible feel of semi-custom mats, X-act Contour floor liners offer superior protection paired with thick, supple construction. Manufactured to fit the complex contours of your vehicle, each of these liners is designed to provide the most coverage possible. Raised ribs and treads are strategically integrated into the mats to channel fluids, dirt and debris. The result is a surface that contains spills, provides grip for your wet soles and actually directs messes away from your feet.

    Invented in Germany by the Grandfather of the current owner, Carbox has been protecting vehicles longer than any other company in the world. Carbox floor and cargo liners have been made for almost 100 years and protect against snowy boots, muddy shoes, a spilled drink, or even sand from the beach better than your factory carpet or replacement rubber floor mats. AutoAccessories4Less imports from Germany these Carbox Floor Liners that are custom designed specifically for your BMW 3 Series E46. The flexible plastic construction has a skid-resistant surface, and is able to withstand temperature extremes from -40 to 176 degrees F. The raised lip of up to 2" around the edge of the floor liner helps contain snow, mud and liquids, protecting your interior carpeting and helping to retain the resale value of your vehicle.

    Carbox floor trays stay in place because of their custom, close-fitting design. Don't worry if they get dirty or wet. They can easily be removed and cleaned with normal soap and water. You will never need to spend almost $30 for cleaners and protectors that are recommended by the most expensive floor liners. The durable polymer material designed specifically for Carbox by BASF is chemical resistant, odorless and recyclable. This 2-pc front floor liner set is black in color.

    • Custom designed floor liners fit the 2000-2006 BMW 3 Series (E46)
    • Protect the interior carpeting of your vehicle against water, dirt, mud and spills
    • Flexible plastic construction is skid resistant and withstands extreme temperatures
    • Can be easily removed and cleaned with soap and water
    • Black 2-pc set of front floor liners imported from Germany

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