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Eskadron Bandage liners

Eskadron Climatex Bandage Liners - SmartPak Equine

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  • TAG : Dover is The Source for fine English horse tack from Eskadron
  • Eskadron sheepskin lined fetlock boots in white, black and brown. Anatomically-formed hard shell; sheepskin lining; and elasticated Velcro fastenings give fabulous protection and fit.

    As the title says, can I use the eskadron climatex bandage liners under a normal/ regular polo, or do I need to use the eskadron training wraps? Has anyone used the eskadron liners with a normal polo?

  • I use the Eskadron liners, and if you look at warm up photos of most of the top riders, that is also what they use. No bows are not designed for when the horse is exercising.

    “I like the support of polos and the margin for error and extra padding that the Eskadron gives,” she said. “I also use bell boots in front on big moving horses. I feel that polos and Eskadron liners offer not only support to the tendons but also padding in case of concussion. The liner spreads out pressure to allow for slight uneven pressure in placement, and polos are not too stretchy so the tension is pretty consistent, and it’s hard to get them too tight.”

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