5. Line your eyelids with mascara if you run out of eyeliner.

If you like to ‘color’ your waterline, pencil eyeliners are also best for this purpose.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Black, 0.037 fl. Oz.

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  • Generally speaking, it takes a very steady hand to apply liquid eyeliner, but it also offers the most precise and defined line. If you’re still a beginner, do try liquid liners that come with thin, fine points or felt-tip brushes. Liquid eyeliners are wonderful if you’re trying to create a more ‘Arabic’ look, or when you want cat eyes and dramatic looks. They can provide a more defined and also thinner line and can make the eyelashes look impressively thicker!

    The second type is with felt tips and they can be used like a pen. Control is a lot easier than the first type, so many women start with this when they move from pencil to liquid eyeliners. And oh, they dry faster than the brush liquid eyeliners too!

  • However, you need patience and you need to practise, practise and practise until you can perfect the art! If you make a mistake with a liquid eyeliner, wait for it to dry, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, and start over.

    For a long time, such gel or cream-to-powder eyeliners are used only professional makeup artists rather than the public. Why? Simply because although they offer superb application and deep color payoff, they are trickier to use.

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  • Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Black £12.00

    But these are actually great for our type of humid climates as they don’t smear! And… did you know that your eyelids are one of the oiliest parts of your face? Yea, many people don’t know that. So this type of gel/cream eyeliners work perfectly for anyone with oily eyelids.

Advanced Eyeliner Look: Double Winged Tip

So long as you have the right brush (either a stiff, angled brush or any small, fine-tip pointed brush), you can actualy use your powder eyeshadows to double up as eyeliners. One of the biggest plus points about using powder eyeliners is that you can achieve a softer look than you can with other types of liners. You can use the powder shadow either wet (for a more dramatic effect) or dry (for a softer look).