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Big Horn 19410 Tool Box Cushioned Liner, 16-Inch by 7-Feet

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  • This reusable foam padding, commonly called “egg box” foam, is ideal for lining cartons and boxes. The foam liners (use one on the bottom of the box and one on the top) surround your product and cushion it from knocks and bumps. The ultra-protective foam liners fit closely together stabilising the contents.

    Rajapack supply protective polyurethane foam liners in 3 sizes to fit standard cartons and are good for transporting irregular shaped goods and tools. These foam liners comply with EU and US regulations (no CFC, HCFC or heavy metals).

  • Drawer Liner-Includes 9 pieces of 450mm x 750mm x 6mm thick foam liners. Fits all Ironworks tool chests. (may require trimming depending on model)

    Turn your 5-gal. Bucket into a cooler. Use Leaktite's foam bucket liner with lid and make your Homer Bucket the perfect cooler. Just drop the foam liner into the bucket and you have created a bucket cooler.

    58/400 Black Smooth Cap w/ Foam Liner

  •      Shadow Foam was developed in 2011 when an engineer called Jonathan Shone, saw a niche.

         During his time working for a major medical devices company, Jonathan saw the niche for a DIY custom foam product. The only option available for a custom foam liner was to design you layout in CAD and have it CNC cut. This is not cost effective for most customers and does not allow for alterations in the future. 

         The majority of customers have a unique set of tools,which they are adding to all the time. This means a foam liner that can be cut your self in the first instance, and then altered when required, is what is needed. From this, Jonathan tried multiple grades of foam, from camping mats to purchasing specific foam grades from manufacturers. This journey led to Jonathan finding the perfectly balanced grade of foam combined with its liquid rubber coating, which is now called Shadow Foam.

         For examples of what our Shadow Foam has been used for, take a look at some of our social media pages, or browse through our Gallery. If you are interested in our product click below and enter your details to receive a free sample.

    In alpine racing, a single crash is rarely a single crash. Your head may actually hit the slope several times before it’s all said and done. Our engineers recognized this and responded by finding the highest-quality, low-density crushable resilient helmet liner available. Working with experts in expanded polypropylene (EPP) we formulated a foam liner made from a material that we call EP-Premium. This liner is specifically designed to reduce energy transferred during successive high-energy impacts as well as everyday lower-energy gate impacts.

Worldwide Militaria, LLC: Color Velvet Foam Liners - 12" x 16"

For lining ammo boxes, the foam liner is a ½" thick and is great for reducing rattle, as well as protecting your bullet points. Each liner is large enough to line MTM Case-Gard's R-100 ammo box. Or, it can be cut in half to fit into two regular 50 round ammo boxes or one deluxe H50 ammo box.