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GroVia - Water Resistant Pail Liner - Vanilla

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  • Washable pail liners are a necessity when cloth nappying!

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    The first diaper pail liner I reviewed was a lesser known brand called Some Few. I ordered this particular pail liner because it was a more affordable option compared to the other brands. I also wanted to see if there would be a difference in the quality. This pail liner comes in four different colors and fits your standard diaper pail or trash bin. It features elastic on the top that easily secures over your diaper pail. The PUL lining isn't as thick as the Planet Wise or GroVia pail liner so some of the moisture can seep through. I like to hang dry all of my pail liners so they will last longer. The one good thing about the SomeFew liner is that it doesn't drip water when I hang dry it like my Planet Wise liner tends to do. Overall, I found Some Few to be an alright diaper pail liner to use if you are on a budget.

  • So you have decided to cloth diaper and now you need something to put them in! In this diaper pail liner video review, I will break down the differences between the Planet Wise, Some Few and GroVia pail liners. I will be comparing how well they lock in the moisture and the overall quality of each brand. There are many styles, types and colors to choose from but this should give you a good idea of what to expect when purchasing your first pail liner!

    GroVia Pail Liner - Vanilla: Baby - use inside a 13g trash can or a safety first diaper pail. Throw in wash every other diaper washing. Hang dry.

    Pail Liner Height x Width x
    Gusset (if flat
    bottomed) in
    Pail size Special Info
    Clotheez Wastebasket Size Pail Liner 17x 22 ½ x 5 ½ Fits pails less than 16” tall Drawstring closure
    Cloth-eez Medium Pail Liner 21 x 24 x 6 ¾ Fits pails 16” - 19”
    Drawstring closure
    Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag size large 24 x 23
    no gusset
    Fits small pails only or use as
    hanging pail
    Has a zipper closure and
    drawstring closure. Can fully close. Can use as
    hanging pail.
    GroVia Pail Liner 24 ½ x 27 x 8 Fits tall kitchen trash size
    hampers (13 gal.)
    Smoother sliding
    drawstring. Our largest
    pail liner with largest
    Thirsties Pail Liner 29 ½ x 29
    no gusset
    Fits tall kitchen trash size
    hampers (13 gal.)
    Elastic top; no drawstring;
    Seam sealed to help
    prevent wicking
    Blueberry Diaper Pail Liner Laundry Bag 27 ½ x 26 x 8 Fits tall kitchen trash size
    hampers (13 gal.) or use as a hanging pail
    Stretchy elastic
    drawstring makes it a
    great hanging pail;
    stays open at top when
    GroVia Perfect Pail 26 x 18
    pleated body for
    maximum volume
    Not a liner. This
    is the pail. No
    liner needed.
    This is a hanging pail, 
    pop up design, self closing
    top, zipper at bottom for

  • Grovia Pail Liner

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    This is a large full-size pail liner with a drawstring. about 25 inches wide by 27 inches tall. It only comes in the color vanilla. It opens wide at the top for easy loading and unloading. As for all of the pail liners that have drawstrings (Bummis and Cloth-eez do also) please be sure to tuck the drawstring into the pail. It tucks in easily out of sight and out of reach. You don't want to leave cords dangling in baby's reach. This is nice and durable and is at a slightly lower price point for it's generous size. It's still nice quality and a great value. The others are made in USA except Bummis which are made in Canada. Gro Via pail liner in vanilla is made in China.

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