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Nice roundup! I use heel liners on a few pairs of heels, but have never tried the foot cushions.

Pedag Stop Padded Leather Heel Grips, Gray, Five Pair

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  • @ – That is one of the best tips anyone has ever given me! Can't wait to buy my next pair of shoes from Nordstrom and get a hand full of heel liners!

    GREAT post! I'm an avid fan of heel liners but I never knew why in the world I'd need a foot liner. Now that I understand its "power", I will definitely be checking it out! :)

  • @ – Where do you place the heel liner in the toe bed? I'm having a hard time envisioning it. I always figured those full length insoles would be too long for my size 5 shoes, so have never bothered. Good to know I'm not missing out on anything. And, yes! I had a horrific day with gel heel liners and will never try them again. The squeaking was so embarrassing! ;)

    Great article! Thank you! I didn't even know there was such a thing as slingback toe covers! I have to admit though, I have tried heel liners and they failed me… So I stick to a small piece of double sided tape just under my heel. Works like a dream on slippery shoes – and on the one smaller foot, that I have as well :-)

    Product Code #51986 Shoe Care Heel Liners
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  • Product Code #58544 Shoe Care Heel Liners
    Upper Materials Sponge Tips The color is picked randomly

    Great post! I'm a size 4, so shoes are ALWAYS too big for me. I've tried using multiple pairs of heel cushions, but sometimes it just doesn't work! One pair of heels I own have a very cushy heel liner in the back, and a thick gel toe cushion in the front – Even then, I can only wear them with 2 pairs of socks. They're pumps, so this look only goes well on Halloween!

Dr. Scholl's Dreamwalk Heel Liners | Rite Aid

Thank you so much for all these great tips, I’m gonna share this page with everyone!
So I bought a cute pair of heels for Junior prom (my first heels!)

Nothing too fancy, or too high, and they are accually comfortable (who knew that could be possible for heels?) EXCEPT that my left heels kept slipping out, making it really awkward to walk! I was scared that would ruin my evening since I had never heard of heel liners before and then I found your page and tips which just saved my life! I’m so grateful, thank you so much, I’m going to go get some right away!