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Already have rollers, abrasive pads, a paint brush and a can opener? HERCULINER comes in gallon sized cans.

Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

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  • I have used this product on two jeep wranglers. It is very easy to use i simply removed the old carpet and a little prep then just apply the herculiner. The only thing i do not like is that the dirt and mud sticks to the herculiner very well which makes it hard to get out.... i have to pressure wash it really well,but for the money its great

    Great out come and easy to use. Looks great! Hard to clean up though, so wear gloves and sleeves. To the review below/above that claims you can do two trucks with one gallon, NO WAY! I did my 6.5 foot bed on my Silverado and had to run out and buy an other quart. This is my only complaint to Herculiner, please make a kit to effectively coat a full size bed. This is why I gave this a rating of 4 stars. Over all, it is well worth it. If I ever need this to coat an other bed I will buy this kit plus a quart. I have about 120 bucks in it which beats two quotes from local vender's by 400 bucks.

  • I first used this on my truck , and then on the underside of my mower deck and found out it repels water and gravels bounce of the rubber like coating under my mower deck , so then since then I have used it on steps on my deck , the step on my RV , in my lawn cart I pull behind my mower , and I also coated 4 huge professional outdoor speakers and some equipment road cases with this 5 years ago and have had really bad rainfalls on my speakers but due to the water repellent of this product I never had to worry about my speakers or the wood getting saturated with water and it also "seals" the speakers acoustically giving them a better sound . I have thought of many other uses for this product as well and will test it to see how it does . As far as I am concerned the uses for Herculiner are endless , " THANKS Herculiner for making my life a little easier and I worry less about the elements on my speakers "

    Pulled out the carpets in my Ford Bronco and replaced them with Herculiner. Definitely one of the best and easiest modifications I've done. Makes cleaning the mud out real easy!

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    I originally put this product on the cab of our john deere gator. The cab was mostly tin and it was very noisy, after installing the liner the cab has really quieted down and it has a fantastic look. I am very pleased with herculiner and I have plans to use this in many different applications such as the tool box for the gator and the bed of my sons truck this weekend. you would want to apply the liner in a very ventilated room. It doesn't take that much time to put on especially with two people. over all I am very satisfied especially with the price and the quality, I would say it is comparable to Line-X or Rhino liner and both of those are expensive.

Herculiner Rubberized Truck Bed Undercoating Liner Review

HERCULINER is the original do-it-yourself brush-on bed liner kit. In three easy steps a truck bed can be covered with a tough, textured polyurethane coating just like professional spray-on liners. It prevents rust and won't chip, flake or peel. HERCULINER can be applied to many different types of surfaces, such as concrete, plastic, rubber, metal, wood or fiberglass.