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Berry Plastics HR243306N Rhino-X High Density Polyethylene Coreless Roll Can Liner, 12-16 gallon Capacity, 6 micron Thick, 33" Length x 24" Width, Natural (Case of 1000)

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  • TAG : 30" x 37" Olympian High Density Can Liner / Trash Bag - 500/Case
  • Choose a high density polyethylene trash bag for most offices or bathrooms where the majority of refuse is tissue. High density trash bags also hold more weight than low density bags making them the most economical choice. Nassco carries sizes and color varieties from Revolution Bag and Pitt to fit the smallest deskside to largest indoor or outdoor Most high density bags work well in temperature extremes and some clear, high density can liners are FDA and USDA accepted for food use. Find can liner

    High Density Can Liners feature a strong star seal bottom construction that helps them conform to the can's shape. They're a cost-effective choice for everyday use.

  • High Density Can Liners are great for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transportation conditions. They are less resistant to punctures and tears like low density bags. They are physically stronger than low density bags, but not as stretchy. These are optimal for office waste baskets, dirt, grass, rags, paper, paper plates and cups, cans w/out sharp edges, food w/out sharp edges, and smooth heavy objects.

    What makes a good trash can liner good? For over 15 years I've helped people who come in to our cleaning supply facility find the exact product that they're looking for. From repeated feedback and just generally spending the time to talk to out customers I have found that when people buy can liners they buy it because they have individual needs and they're looking for the perfect can liner for their application. There is a lot of information and terminology in the trash bag industry and so there should be because there are hundreds of different types of can liners. Trash can liners are packaged in different ways and be made of different materials. Trash can liners also come in many colors but the main colors in the cleaning industry are black, clear and tan. Usually other colors of trash can liners convey a specific use for that liner; a great example of this is that red trash can liners are usually used in health care facilities. Trash can liner size is probably the most important factor when purchasing a trash can liner. When you fit your trash can liner into your waste container the trash bag should fit tightly to the top of the waste container without stretching it and the bottom of the can liner should reach all the way to the bottom of the waste container. Trash can liners also come in may different types of packaging. Some of these types of packing include rolled trash can liners, rolled coreless can liners and loose flat pack. The last trait of a can liner you should be concerned about is type of plastic the can liner is made from. The two main types of grades of trash can liners is linear low density trash can liners and high density trash can liners.

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  • High Density Can Liners.
    High Density can liners are made from high molecular density resins which are significantly stronger than other types of resins. The superior strength and moisture barrier properties of High Density can liners make them perfect for collecting wet stuff.
    Wet & Heavy,
    Not a Problem...
    High density can liners are strong to handle high load capacities and the moisture barrier is high, so they are crafted for handling wet and heavy trash. HD liners handle just about anything as long as it is not sharp. Some typical usage examples would include dirt, grass, leaves, rags, paper...basically any smooth objects.
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    Buy Heavy Duty Can Liner for Your Hotel from Ramayan Supply. We are one of the leading Hospitality Products Suppliers in USA. For best quality High Density Hotel Can Liners, Go through the range of options we have. We have various sizes available for Can Liners, like 20x22 - 6 micron High Density Can Liner, 24x24 - 8 micron High Density Can Liner, 24x33 - 12 micron High Density Can Liner and 33x40 - 16 micron High Density Can Liner. Our Trash Can Liners are best in quality and very competitive as per pricing. Get the best one for your hotel guests always.

40" x 48" Olympian High Density Can Liner / Trash Bag - 250 / Case

Inteplast High Density Can Liners have more puncture resistance than Low Density Can Liners of the same thickness. High Density Can Liners are made much thinner than Low Density Can Liners but can hold the same or greater weight, offering substantial material savings per liner. Our natural and white-pigmented bags are made from FDA-approved 100% prime resin raw material.