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This ice rink liner measures 32' wide and 55' long. It is a 6 mil 3 ply liner that is white..

Inteplast BLR121206 3 qt Capacity, 12" Lenght x 12" Width, Ice Bucket Liner Bag (Case of 1,000)

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  • Iron Sleek manufactures the finest quality 6 mil, multi-layered, white Ice Rink Liner at the best sizes 25'-32'-35'-40'-45'-50'-55'-60'-65' wide as a single seamless sheet! We use only virgin polyethylene plastic resins (LDPE). NO RECYCLED MATERIALS, NO POST CONSUMER PRODUCTS ADDED, and NO INFERIOR MATERIALS...just 100% pure plastic sheeting that is specifically designed and reciped for winter ice rinks. Our seamless poly sheets are engineered to withstand the cold and do not crack while being 100% water tight. Our liners do not seep water while woven tarps do. Tarps are water resistant while Iron Sleek liners are 100% water tight...a true necessity for freeze/thaw conditions! We offer widths that are perfect for making residential ice rinks and commercial ice rinks to be 20 wide, 30 wide, 40 wide, 50 wide, 60 wide and even 80 wide to make things easy for you...minimal lumber cuts and minimal waste with Iron Sleek's optimized liner widths!! We also have enormous ice rink plastic sheeting to service our customers.

    Treat your liner very carefully when installing it. Be sure that nothing sharp is in your rink area or on your boards. Be sure that no screws are pointing into the rink interior as this is a very common mistake. If you have an oops, no problem as our liners come with the best super tape that will seal it water tight again. Fill the bottom gaps with soil and compact or use . Carefully unroll your liner and then unfold the width. Now, tuck your liner down gently into the rink bottom. Do not staple your ice rink liner until the water is fully settled around the rink frame. is a great alternative to stapling. Try not to walk on your liner as it is key to a great skating season. Never reach into your rink enclosure with tools as this is a common mistake that rookie customers sometimes make. Tools can drop!!

  • For more information on our backyard ice rinks, outdoor ice rink liners, ice resurfacers and ice resurfacing accessories for portable ice skating rinks and backyard ice rinks/backyard hockey rinks for your home, please contact us today at 1-888-NiceRink

    Tips to building your own backyard ice rink. Americover has provided Ice Rink Liners to the NHL, and many of your local ice rinks, so you know the liners are durable! If you are planning to build your own ice rink in your backyard here are some tips we can offer.

          They're available in many standard sizes, but who do you call when your needs aren't standard?  We can certainly fabricate a standard size liner, but we relish the opportunity to create the special one necessary for your individual application.

    Scoll down to inspect a few typical orders we've recently completed







    Two typical ice liners, in different configurations; one with a fixed divider, both exude quality fit, welding, and finish






    A straight-forward ice liner with custom cutouts at each end; the sides describe an isoceles trapezoid





    Liner with removable divider & bottom plug


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    NiceRink is the world's leading manufacturer of ');" >outdoor ice rink liners, ');" >ice resurfacers and ice resurfacing accessories for portable home ice skating rinks, backyard ice rinks and backyard hockey rinks. The NiceRink products are made from top of the line, engineered films which are made lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand the cold weather and abuse ten times that of cheap clear plastic sheets. By combining the superior quality of our Ultra-Strong Super-White NiceRink liners, with the patented ');" >NiceRink Brackets we'll have your rink iced and ready to go, when ya wanna go! Our ice rink liner and ice resurfacer products can be manufactured in any size in one piece, so there is no need for taping two sheets together to get the ice skating rink you really want in your home's backyard. Our mission with NiceRink ice rink liner products is to provide simple yet effective solutions to making and maintaining outdoor backyard hockey rinks and portable ice skating rinks as well as to provide products to help develop skaters' creativity and abilities whenever they want to without regiment.

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Maintenance Warehouse® Ice Bucket Liner "Pkg Of 2000" - Made From Prime High-Density Resins - FDA Approved - Space Saving Packaging - Reliable, Consistent Quality