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Lipstick Queen Lip Liner, Invisible, 0.04 Ounce

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  • Smooth and creamy, Lipstick Queen Lip Liners provide rich and even colour for the perfect pout. Easy to apply, the anti oxidant-enriched formula contains vitamin E and Jojoba oil for intense nourishment and hydration.

    It's true that lipsticks have the power to transform and seal your look, but just as important is the liner you use. Luckily, Lipstick Queen Lip Liner has perfected the formula and the art. Taking that extra step to provide your vibrant glosses and pigmented lippies with that extra dose of expert-worthy precision, this liner offers a formula that not only looks good but good for your skin.

    Understanding that not all skin tones or types run the same, this brand set out to understand common frustrations and create a line of liners that beautifully define the lips as well as keep lip color in place. The wide range of colors easily blends into a spectrum of rich colors with excellent coverage. Enriched with jojoba through a transfer- and water-resistant formula, it's as soft as your wax-smooth lipstick yet acts as a base for long-lasting wear. Bonus: it comes complete with a petite sharpener to keep your lining perfectly precise day in and day out.

    Key Ingredients:Berry is a deep berry shade.

  • Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner ($18)
    A perfect complement your wardrobe of bold lip looks. “Use Invisible Liner as you would a colored one, around the lip line prior to application. The silicone and waxes in the formula prevent your lipstick from bleeding without any danger of the circus clown look that can be the hazard of colored liners,” advises Poppy.

    Lipstick Queen Lip Liners are luxuriously smooth and creamy, making application a breeze. Rich in pigment, they provide intense colour and even coverage for a perfectly finished pout. Enriched with natural anti oxidants, including vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, these pencils nourish and hydrate lips to keep them feeling soft throughout the day.

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I bought the Lipstick Queen lip liner at the I attended a few weeks back. I have used it over and over and I am so pleased with the way it performs.