Extra long shower curtain liner

Extra long shower curtain liner

InterDesign Mildew-Free PEVA 3 Gauge Shower Liner, Long 72 x 84, Clear

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  • Shower and bathe safely with the simple addition of an extra long shower curtain liner. Keep floors, rugs and other intact and free from water damage. Exercise caution in the shower but shop around and choose a liner that looks amazing, works flawlessly and complements the bathroom decor.

    Why XL Excels
    Thinking about getting a shorter ? Think again! Go with extra long for extra protection. Do some measuring at home first. Find out the distance between the shower rod and the bottom of the bathtub or stall. Armed with this knowledge, shop for a shower liner with extra inches to spare. Consider a liner that falls to the mid-line of the tub, at least. Stop worrying about spraying or leaking water ruining towels, and toilet paper!

    Clear-Cut and Colorful
    Eager to inject some color into the bathroom? Go for it! Pick a clear shower curtain liner for no-frills functionality. Create a clean, crisp, minimalist bathroom. Looking for a few tasteful pops of color? Explore in neutral hues, such as soft, buttery yellow, spring green or country blue. Settle on something that matches the current color scheme or pick a shade that's sure to complement any design theme. Think about patterns as well, including stripes or attractive embossing. Browse between and durable plastic.

    Take an hour-long shower without a care. Discover an extra long shower curtain liner at Macy's.

    Guest bath-love the length of curtains. I used two shower curtain rods. Using a extra long shower curtain liner in the back and widow curtains on the front. I couldn't find what I wanted in shower length or color. Large selection on window curtains av

  • Extra long shower curtain liner -- 78 inches long -- This may allow my extra long shower curtain dream to become a reality!! Who knew they made such things?! --

    Are looking for a simple and durable extra long shower curtain liner? This hotel quality product is the one for you. It is adaptable enough to be used on its own or with an additional curtain depending on your needs. It provides a barrier from excess water in your shower as well as a clean and fresh appearance. It is available in two colors, white and bone, for you to choose from. This is a product that is used in hotels across the globe due to its high quality and stain-resistant nature. Choosing this quality shower curtain liner will be sure to make your shower a delightful experience.

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