Would I Recommend MAC Cremestick Liner – Cream O’Spice?

Would I Recommend MAC Cremestick Liner – Cream O’Spice?

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner (Best O)

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  • MAC Pro Creme Liner in Black review and product swatches.

    MAC PRO Creme Liner : $11.50....what a steal!

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    MAC Cremestick Liner swatches from the left: Beurre, Creamola, Gingerroot, Honey B., Pink Treat, Red Enriched, Sublime Culture and Summerfruit

    Pinkish caramel Sublime Culture (goes with almost everything!), Pink Treat (a cool pink), pale coral Summerfruit and dirty plum Beurre are some of my personal faves, along with a now discontinued pinkish plum with shimmer called that I absolutely adore. I have one last stick of it left, and when that one gives up the ghost, I plan to pour a 40 on the sidewalk in its honor…

  • The Creme Liner is a water-based eye liner – an incredible product for creating ultra-smooth eye-line detail. The liner has a super smooth, long wearing formula. MAC Creme Liner can be applied wet or dry. Use a brush to apply.
    Shade Finish Description Avail. Collection Date Year
    Black Creme Black D Frozen White 12/? 1999
    Brown Creme D
    Graphite Creme D
    Purple Creme PRO/D

    I wear black eyeliner every day. I have tried all of them, felt tip (dries out and not black enough after a couple weeks), brush tip (brush is never good, formula is usually too wet), long lasting gel (dry out in the pots WAY before they are used up, gunk up brushes, hard to get off), pencil (not precise, drags or smears). MAC creme liner was one of the first products I ever bought from MAC, and it is the absolute BEST black liner I've used.

    1. The pot lasts FOREVER. Because it is reconstituted with water, it never dries out and becomes unusable like gel. One of mine even had a missing lid, and it was still perfect.

    2. It is super black. Getting the right consistency is a little tricky at first, and everyone has a differnet preference. I don't like to use it dry. I usually put a small drop of water in the pot, and sort of roll it around until the surface is just damp. Then use the brush to get a good sort of thick but smooth consistency.

    3. It wears all night, and is still easy to take off. This is not water resistent like some of the gel liners, but because it is water soluble, it comes right off with regular face wash. If you have a problem with watering eyes, though, It might not be for you.

Would I Recommend MAC Cremestick Liner – Cream O’Spice?