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Too low to display
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  • I've read in other reviews that this lipliner is identical to Mac plum lipliner. I myself do not own the Mac lipliner so I can't compare them. But this lipliner is a very nice rosey plum. This lipliner would go well with Mac Desire lipglass.

    “How gorgeous MAC Plum Lipliner all over the lips. (Might be a bit drying, so apply a lip balm for few minutes then wipe it off and apply the lipliner) -…”

  • This is an awesome drug store brand. I am a PPP and this color is very comparable to MAC Plum lipliner and what a deal, 3 bucks! You gotta love that! I now have 3 Prestige Lipliners and have promised myself I will never be sucked in to paying over $10 for a lipliner again! Find your color and buy these!!

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