Mary Kay Lip Liner – Plum Shade

Mary Kay Lip Liner – Plum Shade

Hi Ladies!  recently has launched New Mary Kay Lip Liners in Chocolate and Plum shades.
Mary Kay Lip Liner, Spiced Tea
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The New Look of Mary Kay Lip Liners
Mary Kay Lip Liner, Clear
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Mary Kay Lip Liner, Plum
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Mary Kay Lip Liner Clear

Mary Kay Lip Liner ~ Neutral

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  • It does not show up on my lips, however I love marykay lipliners bcos they are of a very good quality. I have it in cappucina. plum and hot chocolate

    Mary Kay lip liners can be purchased through Ebay, or through any reputable Mary Kay seller. The basic Mary Kay website has an option for you to search for a seller near you just by typing in your zipcode (if you want to meet an actual person). Mine is local and I have ordered through her in person as well as on-line, in addition to getting wonderful gifts to try. She is also a co-worker of mine, a friend, and a . This product is not available from major retailers.

  • This review is for the new version of the Mary Kay Lipliners: First off I should say I have never ever found a colour that suits my lips better than Mary Kay's "Dusty Pink". It literally works with EVERY lipstick that suits my complexion, even lighter ones - while "Dusty Pink" isn't really a light colour. The cumbersome things about the old lipliner was how flimsy the thing was (the caps break easily), and how grainy the colour applied. Today I got my hands on the new and improved version of the Signature lipliner (through Ebay), and I'm impressed. It seems a lot sturdier, is a lot shorter (yet contains the same amount) and therefore easier to carry around, and the colour is a lot creamier, and applies without tugging. Thumbs up for this improvement, I'm all for it - and of course I'm happy they discontinued my trusted "Dusty Pink". :)

    Mary Kay went through am update lately - everything is no longer in pink (thank goodness) and many products are now detailed in very stylish lettering with silver packaging. The Mary Kay Signature Lip Liners are slim and silver, with a a cap and twist up base that self sharpens like many automatic lip pencils. (very close to )

  • Mary Kay Lip Liner in Cappuccino features a smooth, creamy, waterproof formula in a retractable pencil that never needs sharpening! It glides on easily with a clean, precise line that perfectly defines lips. And the color coding on the outside quickly identifies the shade inside.

Mary Kay Lip Liners Good, reliable colors

Mary Kay lip liners have a age fighting formula that nourishes and helps to keep lips looking young and voluminous. The lipstick is long wearing and is resistant to water. The feel of the lip liner is velvety and moisturizing.