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EYELINER- @maybelline gel liner in blackest black! I use the @sigmabeauty e06 brush for my winged eyeliner.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, Blackest Black, 0.106 oz.

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  • Hi, sorry for the super delayed reply! I need to update this post – I absolutely loved the Maybelline eyeliner gel for all of 3 weeks. Then it started to dry out. Tried adding a little water to it but it just wasn’t the same. :( I’ll stick to Bobbi Brown’s in future!

    i totally agree with you… but 1 thing you forgot to mention about lakme eye artist that is if it isn’t in use for couple of weeks it get dried up. I have used both of them n while doing workout lakme eye artist gets fused with the sweat n makes the face looks dirty while Maybelline gel liner doesn’t spread up with sweat. It remains as it is……
    I would prefer Lakme eye artist during weddings… It gives more chances to explore the eye region while with maybelline gel liner u cant go for vivid designs just like kareena kapoor did in ashoka….

  • Hi Rati
    I got my Maybelline Gel Liner and must tell u that it is awesome! I am very impressed with the packaging, gel and most importantly the brush. It is excellent quality and full worth the money.

    The thin lines are drawn using the thin edge, while the thicker lines are drawn using the flat side. Can you do this with the regular Maybelline Hypersharp liner? Why of course you can! It’s all about angles and how you hold your pen 🙂

  • I actually own the HyperSharp Wing Liner (with the purple cap) but would assume the only difference between these two products is the brush. Firstly, I've already repurchased this product (along with multiple backups during a recent Priceline 40% off sale), which should, I suppose, give you some sense of my love for this product. Along with my rating for it.

    After fatefully running out of my previous HG eyeliner, Stila Stay All Day, I contemplated buying another but really could not justify the price tag. Fortunately one of my most trusted beauty blogs had included this eyeliner in her monthly favourites and, having never steered me wrong, I trusted her enough to go and pick this up.

    This is as good, if not better than Stila's Stay All Day. Inky black, perfect tip that allows easy control, and lasts for so long before it even starts to lose its opacity - by long I mean approximately four months (and using it everyday); an extremely impressive time considering that my past experience with Maybelline eyeliner (Master Precise) lasted half a year, during which I probably had to repurchase it about 5 times before I relented and realised that I needed something with a bit more longevity.

    This is wonderful stuff and I would recommend it to everyone. Will repurchase over and over again.

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