Have you used microfleece diaper liners? Why do you love them?

Team up this 100% polyester Micro Fleece Liner with your mummy sleeping bag to add extra warmth to your outdoor slumber!

Osage River Microfiber Fleece Zippered Sleeping Bag Liner with Carry Storage Bag

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  • If you’re using natural fiber diapers or some sort of fitted, you’ll find that they are not the most efficient at wicking away moisture. Microfleece diaper liners wick away the moisture from baby’s bottom. A dry bottom is less likely to be a rashy bottom.

    Fact: babies poop in diapers. No matter how beautiful or expensive your cloth diapers are, they are, ultimately, intended to be recepticals for urine and feces. Sometimes that poo falls right off the diaper and life is a breeze. Not all babies have poo that just falls right off, and not all families have a . It’s significantly easier to dunk and swish a microfleece diaper liner than a whole diaper.

  • By the standards of softshell jackets the VR One is really light - a meagre 367g for my size 14 review sample, on the kitchen scales. It uses the Vapour-rise system, a tried and trusted collaboration between Rab and Pertex that marries a light outer fabric with a micro fleece liner to create something that’s both breathable, high wicking and quick drying while at the same time offering a fair measure of wind resistance. It does well in a light shower too, though of course there are limits here and I’d never be without an additional waterproof shell if the forecast was rainy. For its tiny weight the Vapour-rise One feels relatively warm; this may be partly down to its layered construction.

    Paranoid about on your cloth diapers? No problem. Microfleece diaper liners will keep the poo from actually touching the diaper. Your baby has a (thanks to those acidic teething poops) and you’ve got to use some butt paste or something prescription. No problem. Microfleece diaper liners will be a barrier between the diaper and the bum that will keep your diapers safe and keep you from using disposables. And if the liners get too gross for you to cope with, they’re awfully cheap.


    Add the Cocoon Microfleece Mummy Liner to increase any mummy bag temperature comfort rating up to 11°F. Makes a great summer-weight sleeping bag. Keeps your sleeping bag clean and extends its life. Microfleece keeps you warm, even under wet conditions.
    • Sleeping bag liner for mummy-shaped sleeping bags.
    • Keeps the inside of your bag clean and extends its lifespan.
    • Adds insulation and comfort.
    • Lightweight and compact microfleece transport humidity quickly to the surface, dries extremely fast and is practical in wet conditions.
    • Use as a stand-alone sleeping bag in warm weather.
    • 2-way YKK zipper for coupling to another Microfleece MummyLiner™.
    • Drawstring hood.
    • Wide top opening.
    • Boxed foot end.
    • Completely double stitched.
    • Nylon stuff sack.
    • Size: 86"x32" tapering to 24".
    • Wt. 1lb. 4oz.
    • Stuff size: 6" x 9.5".

  • Some of the diaper systems I use have a microfleece liner. It works well, actually very well. Anything that helps keep my son’s bum dry is a good thing.

What are Microfleece Diaper Liners For? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Slumberjack Micro Fleece Rectangular Liner
The Slumberjack Micro Fleece Rectangular Liner is the ideal accessory for your sleeping bag. During cold nights when the sleeping bag cannot provide enough warmth, the liner gives the much needed protection, against the cold. When placed under your rectangular sleeping bag, the liner also helps to keep it clean and shields it from wear and tear. Made from anti-pilling, double-brushed polyester micro fleece, the liner adds more comfort to your sleeping bag. It also features a full length two-way zipper for venting, which allows the liner to be used as a sheet during warmer nights. With a carry weight of approximately 1 lbs., the liner is lightweight and easily portable. Keep your sleeping bag as good as new, with the Slumberjack Micro Fleece Rectangular Liner.