Monstaliner in Desert Sand on our Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

I'm currently prepping the body for the Monstaliner.

Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

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  • We cracked open the used can of Monstaliner and poured a little bit of M.E.K. underneath the top skin of the leftovers. Since it was still rubbery, it thinned out nicely, and 1 month old liner was once again viable. I used to mixing stick to full in the hole, and a foam brush to add some texture (it is now more like Line-X, but you can only feel the difference, not see it). I applied that in horrible conditions. The bumper was about 35 degrees, and it was about 40 outside. It even rained the same night I put it on. After 1 month, that is still a great patch that is unnoticeable.

    It is amazing how easy it is to actually repair this stuff. When I put the seat back in for the first time, I didn't give the bumper nearly enough time to cure. I dropped the corner of the seat on it, and it chipped through 1 coat of Monstaliner, 4 coats of properly cured Rustoleum Hammered Paint, and 2 Coats of self etching primer. It ended up being down to bare metal, and after a couple of weeks there was some rust. I hit it with a wire wheel on the drill (did nothing to the Monstaliner, just took the rust back to bare metal), and did something Very Amazing (to me at least).

  • I've been between monster liner and raptor liner for a while, but I'm more inclined to the monster liner because its a roll on application and seems like it'd be less frustrating to me. Anyone got more pics of the monster liner?

    The Tub looks great whether there is carpet on it, or if it is just Monstaliner. The orange peel look of the liner dulls the shine of the liner a bit, and I think that is a good thing. It also provides sufficient grip for things in the Jeep (although my coffe can with tow chains slid, but it is a plastic can). There is nothing rough about it, so it is very smooth to the touch, and doesn't scratch your arms at the fender wells when grabbing something.

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    I started friday evening removing the interior, which was quite easy(1 hr). I did gave the seat belt assembly extra slack before removal from the tub to make re-install easier. Saturday was about 4-5 hrs worth of sanding, MEK cleaner, then sand some more. Buy extra sheets of 80-100 grit sandpaper for this process. You want the factory paint to be dull but not removed. I painted that evening and took another 4-5 hrs with about 1 hr wait time in between coats for 3 coats.(I just wanted to be done but it was near dry to the touch between coats). Sunday morning, I pushed the Jeep out of the garage to spray fine mist water with the garden hose to help with the curing process then reinstalled the interior later that afternoon. I recommend buying extra latex disposible gloves and a mask. Monstaliner is very difficult to remove from skin and it stinks! What I also found is that Rustoleum semigloss protective enamel in a rattlecan matches monstaliner well. I sprayed the crevises that was difficult to get to with the monstaliner brush with the enamel. Golf tees or foam earplugs works well to cover the bolt holes during application.

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    Re: thinking about having my doors rhino lined

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    I would suggest Monstaliner. I used it on my jeep top and doors. It is an awesome product. It has a smooth texture and washes with sponge easily. It applies with a special texture roller. It has uv protector also. It has been on my jeep for about 4 years and still looks like new. When the paint gets scratched up on my rzr doors that is what I am going to use on them. It is extremely tough product. They have a large variety of colors also. Check them out on the web. They will send you free color samples.


    just checked out the site and ordered some color samples and asked a few questions.
    thanks for the lead

    I'm doing mine in Monstaliner whenever I finally get done with all the sheet metal work I've been doing. It's pricey but I've read nothing but good things about it, every job I've seen properly looks incredible and from the samples they sent me it's a much different product than the traditional bedliners. It's not rubbery but sort of plasticy but very flexible. I tried my damnedest to tear the samples in half and couldn't do it by hand.

Yay! You're now following monster bed liner in your .

While I was reading up on it on the Jeep forum I stumbled across a for anyone who's interested! It's for 1 free quart of Chassis Saver (their version of POR15) AND free shipping in the lower 48. No free shipping for this Canuck but I got the free Chassis Saver . Just gotta create a Monstaliner account, put the quart of paint in your cart along with the rest of your order (must be at least 1 gallon Monstaliner) and then apply the coupon code at checkout: