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The ocean liner and cruise ships caught in stormy seas far from land.

Ocean Liners: Glamour, Speed and Style

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  • In fact, though the transaction rings down the curtain on 20 years of enterprising operation, it also serves as overture to an exciting and promising consolidation of ocean liner expertise. Members of both organizations are the ultimate beneficiaries.

    Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot and the French actor Fernandel all adored them. The transatlantic lines from Europe to the Americas were the dream trip for many a passenger.

    In the 19th century, at a time when airliners rarely flew across the ocean, the ocean liners operated by the transatlantic companies took mail and passengers on board for a long and wonderful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Cherbourg-New York, Bordeaux-Buenos Aires, Le Havre-The West Indies were some of the mythical routes, all holding the promise of adventure at sea… in total comfort. Luxury, peace and pleasure. During the crossings, the passengers, the privileged few, could choose between relaxing on the sunny decks of the liners, looking out at the endless horizon, letting the crew guide their daily routine or walking on the promenade decks at sunset… They had plenty of time on their hands, while they waited to find out what would greet them on the other side.

    Today’s transatlantic liners have lost nothing of these gentle pleasures. A transatlantic crossing remains to this day a mythical journey. Departing from Portugal, you arrive ten days or so later in the Caribbean. A delightful interlude to be lived to the full from the moment the ship departs until the moment it reaches the warm latitudes of the Caribbean.

    A transatlantic crossing has always been a journey within a journey…

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In ocean liners played a major role. Large ocean liners, such as and , were used as and , while smaller ocean liners were converted to . , sister ship to and , never served on the liner trade for which she was built. Instead, she entered war service as a hospital ship as soon as she was completed, and lasted a year before being sunk by a mine. Other liners were converted to innocent-looking armed to entrap . In 1915 , still in service as a civilian passenger vessel, was torpedoed with many casualties by a German .