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One-Liners: A Mini-Manual for a Spiritual Life

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  • FREE & OFFLINE collection of various one liners which you can share with your friends. Sometimes we just need a bit of humor to lighten up our day. For those occasions, funny quotes and one-liners are quite effective, especially when they poke fun at our everyday annoyances, whether it be politics, work, aging or marriage. A one-liner is a joke that is delivered in a single line. A good one-liner is said to be pithy.

    We set out to put together a list of some great one liners in one app "Funny SMS "One Liners". This app will help you to bookmark favorite one liner for future references. Some featured categories of this app are: "Wife Jokes", "U r Engineer if..", "Men Jokes", "Funny One Liners", "Diet", "Job" etc.

    Salient features of this app are:

    1. Collection of various one liner
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    3. Share it with your friends through Gmail, Text message, Facebook or Twitter etc.
    4. Search using ID or text
    5. User interactive and simple design

    This app is free, and supported by ads.

    Why are there speed types on the One Line report that do not appear on the speedtype summary report? I selected Active and Inactive for both reports. Should the same STs appear? Also, adding the status of Active/Inactive to the One-Liner report would be helpful. The ST Summary report shows the status.

  • Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka vaar opened on a grand note with Salman Khan’s power-packed performance. Comedian stars Siddharth Sagar also joined Salman on the stage for some laughter moment. The comedian raised the fun quotient of the show with his amazing one liners. That’s not all; the surprise package was when Alia Bhatt arrived to promote her upcoming film Dear Zindagi that also stars Shah Rukh Khan. After interacting with Salman on the stage, Alia enters Bigg Boss 10 house and plays some fun games with the contestants. Before playing games, Alia confesses that Manu Punjabi is her favorite contestant.

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I started working on this blog post and the associated code examples after reading the plethora of blog posts this week discussing "ten" one liners in various programming languages. It all seems to have started with 's , which then led to (not in this order) , , , , , , and .