At last – a comfortable panty liner that is discreet and effective.

Boots Ultra thin Pantyliners have been specially designed to provide you with everyday freshness, comfort and discretion.

Always Thin Dailies Unscented Wrapped Liners, Regular, 120 Count (Pack of 2)

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  • We are pleased to offer a selection of disposable liners, pads and panty liners that is second to none! Over 35 different styles! And from names you know and trust such as Serenity, Poise, Tena, Prevail and Attends. All sensibly priced, and delivered to your door in ultra convenient, full case quantities.

    From the ultra thin pantyliners to the extra large overnight pads - we have them all, and for just about any need. The assortment really is incredible. But whatever your need, you can look here first. Pads and liners from 7.5" to 27" in length, and from 2.5" to a full 13" in width!!!

  • Poise® incontinence liners are specifically designed for light bladder leakage. Always period pads and panty liners aren’t. See what makes Poise® liners different.

    A group called Helping Women Period dropped off more than 50,000 pads, tampons and panty liners to 15 local charities on Wednesday. This is the fourth annual feminine hygiene product drive. Organizers got the idea after reading about a shortage of su

    panty liner


    Designed specifically for bladder leakage protection


    • Thin and discreet for confidence and discretion

    • Individually wrapped for convenience

    • pH balanced odor control

    Case Count Pad Size
    156 Pads 7.6" x 2.8"
    Relative Absorbency

    perfect in combination with panty liners

    ... And when things have no other choice and you have to fall back on tampons you can find here the selection of organic tampons of ORGANYC ( R ) which are made from 100% organic cotton in Germany

Liners, Pads and Panty Liners Pg 3 - Tim Delivers

My teenage daughter has adapted to using the Gladrag pantyliners instead of the plastic disposable one. We feel good about being green. She also likes how they feel soft. I just wish you had long size pantyliners so I could use them too.