Smart Fabric Side Sleeper Pro Pillowcase liner by SleepInComfort

Pillowcase Dress Instructions – Red Instead

Rest Right 100% Cotton Zippered Pillow Protector, Set of 2

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  • This is a made to order product, but I do have a few on hand in inventory. It will take less than 2 days from your order for me to be able to ship the item(s) to you. Your pillowcase liner is coming to you from Kernersville, NC which is located roughly on the East Coast of the United States.

    I have included photos of how your liner will look directly on your travel pillow as well as on your travel pillow with a pillowcase on top- ready for use. The item for sale is ONLY the Travel Size Pillowcase LINER made by Sleep In Comfort.

  • Make a sachet of the scent you wish and place it in with the buckwheat hulls. There are many dried flowers and herbs that can be used to promote sleep and good health. Another technique is to place 2 cups of dried lavender (to promote sleep) or dried german chamomile flowers (to help with congestion) into the second zippered pillowcase liner. Place the buckwheat filled liner inside this one, zipper side down. Once inside, zip the second liner tightly and fluff slightly. Place the filled liners in the regular pillowcase and fluff slightly to get air circulation into the hulls. You are now ready to sleep.

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