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Almay Intense I-Color Eyeliner, Black Raisin, 0.009 Ounce

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  • I have green eyes and I'm always on the hunt for "the perfect raisin eyeliner" (I once owned it, WAAAYYY back in the 1980s). This is not perfect, but I am impressed. When swatched, this color looked more lilac-y/purple-y. I prefer a raisin that has some brown in it, but since this was only $2, I figured why not. On my eyes, however, it is more of a bronzy-purple. Hard to describe but it definitely looks great with green eyes! I like that these don't need sharpeners (hate dealing with sharpeners). It goes on fairly smooth, and lasting power on the upper lashline is good; wears off fast on the lower lashline, but I have yet to find a pencil liner that doesn't.

    Revlon Color Stay eye liner is my HOLY GRAIL eye liner. It's bloody amazing. I've used it for almost a year now, and I'll never go back to anything else. I pray it stays on the market. I usually use black, but I think I'm going to buy other colors. It stays put ALL day. I've NEVER had a problem when using this. I have sensitive eyes, and it doesn't irritate them. The liner goes on smooth. I can do a straight line on my upper lid without any problems. I just can't say enough about this stuff. Definitely worth the price. I stock up when ever there is a bogo. You should too!

  • My eyes are very green -- they're not hazel or bluish or brownish, just green. So I'm always looking for good eyeliners and shadows that will make the color pop. My favorite shades to wear are bright green and raisin. I've been using Milani's Green Glamour eye pencil for awhile, but I needed a good raisin eyeliner.

    I found a good deal on Almay's Intense i-color eyeliner, and since I've had good luck with Almay products in the past, I decided to test it out in the raisin quartz color. While I usually prefer old school eye pencils to the mechanical sort of pencil, I really like this eyeliner.

    The biggest thing for me with this type of eyeliner is, "Will I be able to apply it correctly without making a mess?" I have had no troubles with the Almay product. It glides onto my eyelids, and I have no problems making a straight line with it. The color accents my eye beautifully without that "drawn on" look that some eyeliners give you. Then I put on some light plum or raisin eyeshadow with it, and I've got a great look. It gives your eyes some extra color and depth without being too obvious.

    The pencil is about the thickness of a regular pencil and between 4 and 5 inches long. It's really easy to control. It also has a built in sharpener in the other end...just pull the end off, and there it is. When the pencil starts getting low, you hold the top part while twisting the bottom part (or vice versa, if you prefer), and more color will easily twist up.

    The liner lasts for a decent amount of time -- I don't have much left by the end of the day, but there's still a little there. I wish it were more long lasting, that would make it about perfect. It is easy to remove if you need to, though -- just dab a bit of eye makeup remover onto your weapon of choice (a cotton ball, cotton square or whatever), and it'll come right off.

    It doesn't do anything weird like smear or bleed or just stays put. My eyes are a little sensitive because I wear contacts, and I've had no problems with it irritating them. (In general, I find Almay cosmetics to be very gentle on the skin.)

    Overall, I have been very pleased with this eyeliner, and will probably buy it again when mine runs out.

    Cost and availability: I believe this eyeliner normally costs around $5-6, but I got it on sale at CVS and used a coupon, so it only cost me a couple bucks. I recommend waiting for a good sale or a "Buy 1, Get 1 free" sale before purchasing it. You can also look for the frequent "$1 off any Almay product" coupons in your Sunday newspaper. Almay products are available at most drugstores and mass merchandise stores, and at stores like Ulta.

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