Bestop Rear Cargo Liner - Black

Rear Cargo Liner

BDK HeavyDuty Rubber Cargo Floor Mat - All Weather Trunk Protection, Trimmable to Fit & Durable HD Rubber

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  • These liners offer tough and lasting protection for the floors of your Grand Cherokee. They keep liquids & muck off your carpet. Classic diamond plate finish provides a purposeful look to match its utility. The Rear Cargo Liner extends under rear seat as shown for complete protection. A continuous 2½-inch-high lip around these liners helps contain spills. Durable enough to protect carpet from sharp objects. Manufactured from a patented rubberized material resistant to water, gasoline, oil and even battery acid. The Diamond Plate finish looks great. All Liners feature a limited Lifetime Warranty against cracking or breakage for as long as you own your Jeep Vehicle. Available in Black or Gray.

    Bestop Rear Cargo Floor Liner offers huge deep channels for trapping snow, water, mud with high tray sides. These are nothing like the factory mats that come with you Jeep JK. These are made for folks who really understand that Jeeps can get dirty.

  • Description: I traded in my '08 Cayman S and have this rear cargo liner leftover. Item is in excellent condiition, no noticeable marks at all. I will add a pic, but this is the identical one sold online for $95 shipping new. Item will be shipped Priority Mail. Please email with any questions.

    Bestop Rear Cargo Floor Liner is made for Jeepers who really understand that their rig can get dirty. These floor mats are the massively over-engineered type, huge deep channels for trapping snow and water, high tray sides. Nothing like the factory mats.

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    Function. This Jeep Wrangler rear cargo liner protects your vehicle's floor from liquid spills, gasoline, oil and other damaging elements. It extends under the rear seat to provide complete coverage.

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hello all. i have a 2007 ex-l and i am trying to find a cargo liner for the rear. i always have the third row folded down and would like a liner that covers the third row seat when folded down. does anyone have any recommendations of what one to buy? i just purchased a nifty-catch liner and just sent it back today as it didn't cover the entire cargo area. it went past the third seat but only about 6 inches and left a gap that wasn't covered. do they make anything that will reach the second seat? we haven't had to use the third seat yet, but if and when we do we either take the liner out or just roll it up and leave it in the cargo area. please help. the pictures i have seen online of rear cargo liners aren't much help and figured that i would emlpoy the assistance of this forum and hope that people could tell what they have purchases for their pilots.