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Reynolds Wrap Foil Baking Cups 32 Count (Pack of 8) Total 256 Cups ..

Reynolds Foil Cupcake Liner

Reynolds Foil Baking Cups (32 Count, Pack of 24)

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  • Cupcake Brownie Burgers - Idea from Bakerella. Very easy just use Yellow cake mix, Brownie mix and frosting dyed red, yellow, and green. If you use Reynolds foil cupcake liners they are really easy to peel off the cupcakes. Use a cookie cutter to make the "burger" brownies.

    Why Consider Foil Cupcake Liners?
    Companies such as Reynolds make foil liners in metallic silver and gold, which some cupcake makers believe look more sophisticated than decorated (or even solid-color) paper liners. Also, paper liners may take on a greasy look, which some people feel makes their cupcakes lack polish.
    One drawback of foil liners is that the outer layer of aluminum sometimes separates from the paper layer. (Though silicone-treated paper liners can separate too.) Please note: Reynolds brand foil cupcake liners come with a thin, white liner between each foil liner, but these are just separators and should be discarded. Also, cupcakes in foil wrappers may be harder to photograph well, and in some cases the foil may be so flashy it detracts from the cupcake decorations.

  • The unmolding is the tricky part of these little cakes; the only foolproof solution I’ve found is to use Reynolds foil cupcake liners (paper liners don’t work; they stick). Use 5 or 6 liners stacked together so they’re rigid enough to make a freestanding mold. Make 6 of these molds. (If you can’t find the foil baking cups, use small ramekins, generously buttered.)

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