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Duck Brand 1100731 Select Grip Easy Liner Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner, 12-Inch x 20-Feet, Taupe

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  • Here’s a quick tip from photographer that’ll help to keep you from warping a stuck filter when trying to take it off your lens. Instead of grabbing it with your fingers or , you can just use rubbery drawer liner. Simply place the liner on a flat surface, press your lens (filter down of course) onto it, and turn. This allows you to get the filter unstuck while applying even pressure — no broken/warped filters, no sad photographers.

    Provided with the tool chest are thin foam rubber drawer liners for eachdrawer. HF sells drawer liners as a separate item and I nearly bought them - but theyaren't needed.

  • I didn’t have any of that stuff you use on the bottom so slippers aren’t slippery but we have wood floors, so I didn’t want to leave them with just fleece. I used rubber drawer liner, which looks very similar to some stuff I had for putting under a rug to keep it from sliding around. I don’t know how long it will survive, but it’s working out well. And they fit him!

    Here’s an easy-sew homemade gift idea for just about anyone! A homemade bedside organizer makes a good gift for siblings, grandparents, friends, kids, or anyone who likes to read. This frugal homemade gift uses just 1/2 yard of fabric and a few inches of rubber drawer liner. You don’t need a lot of sewing know-how. This project is just a few straight lines and can be made in 10 minutes.


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    10-17-2016 08:11 PM

    I’m trying to find something that I can use to keep my projects from sliding all over while I use my Festool rotex sander… I know I can clamp it down but that has its own issues (always a high spot near the clamp etc.

    Anyone have any good ideas for this? I use the rubber drawer liners, but they don’t stop all movement and they get sucked up by the suction on the vac then chewed up…

    Would it be better if I secured the drawer liner to a piece of plywood or something?

  • She decided to build it out of inexpensive wood, mounted to an IKEA rubber mat drawer liner. She started by measuring her knife blades and handles, and then she drew a diagram of how she wanted it to lay out. She bought some cheap wood at the lumber store, and her husband cut it into small pieces. (Although, she does point out that most hardware stores will cut wood for you if you ask.)

Buy Duck Brand Solid Grip Easy Liner Brand Shelf Liner - Taupe, 20 in

The rest of the process was extremely easy, as she says here:

While constructing the insert, I stumbled on a very easy shortcut. Originally, I was just planning to anchor the wood down onto the drawer liner with glue until I could reinforce each piece with screws. Well... I was using IKEA's rubber drawer liners and a hot-glue gun and the heat from the glue completely fused the rubber liner to the wood. The hold was very strong and it was completely unnecessary to add screws for reinforcement!