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Rubber liner for ball milling machine ø 1200-5500 (length unlimited)

Big Horn 19410 Tool Box Cushioned Liner, 16-Inch by 7-Feet

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  • 1.4 Rubber liners have higher capacity of anti-wearing by fatigue and anti-wearing by grinding than metal liners, especially in the case of hard ore, when rubber liners will generally provide a service life 2-4 folds longer than that of metal ones. However, its capacity of anti-wearing by rolling and pressing is weaker, and it can not hold well repeated impact by large steel balls. Therefore, rubber liners are applied more on both feed-end and discharge-end heads of primary ball mills, on both feed-end and discharge-end heads and shells of regrinding mills and the discharge-end head of autogenous mills.

    1.2 The damping and absorbing functions of rubber liners reduce noise, and the noise from rubber liners is normally lower by 10-15dB than that from metal ones;

  • EPDM RUBBER POND LINERS: The characteristics of an EPDM rubber sheet is determined both by the particular EPDM compound (mixture of ingredients) selected. Since any rubber made primarily of EPDM polymer can be called EPDM rubber, there are many types of EPDM and simply purchasing an EPDM sheet for use as a pond liner can be risky in the absence of information about the other ingredients which make up the majority of the formula. For example, certain curing compounds, fire-retardants, and fillers commonly used in EPDM roofing sheets rubber can be toxic to aquatic life. Pond-grade EPDM rubbers must be specially formulated and tested to be safe for plants, fish, and other aquatic life. We offer two pond-grade EPDM sheets: Pond EPDM and Conservation Technology EPDM, both of which have a long track record of safe use for pond lining.

    POND EPDM: Pond EPDM is our most popular and affordable EPDM rubber pond liner. It is manufactured with the talc process (see above) which leaves a mineral talc residue that gives it a slightly shiny surface: sheet color can vary from dark black to charcoal gray, depending on the amount of talc present. White streaks of talc may be present, but will usually disappear with time. Standard sizes in 45 mil thickness follow. Sizes shown in plain type are stock sizes that generally ship within 24 hours. Sizes in italics are not stock sizes and may involve shipping delays.

    PondGard EPDM Liner - 5' X 50'
    EPDM-II 45 mil Liners are economical and easy to install. Fish-friendly, heavy-duty, black material has a twenty year limied warranty. The expected life of this liner is 60 years when protected from sunlight exposure. Rocks or other coping will protect the edges from damaging sunlight. Easiest liner to work with, even in cold temperatures. Rubber liners let you make your pond any depth, size or shape, while keeping a very natural effect.

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    15CUT Firestone EPDM 45 mil Rubber Liner 15-ft. Width $ 14.78 Add To Cart
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    50CUT Firestone EPDM 45 mil Rubber Liner 50-ft. Width $ 49.25 Add To Cart

    EPDM-II 45 mil rubber liner rolls are a great way to begin a large project. Conveniently packaged in 50 or 100 foot rolls. Buying the liner by the roll allows you to use only what you need for the hole that you have dug, then you simply trim away the excess. All of your extra material is then ready for your second (or third) pond or waterfall. The rolls are heavy at 0.28 pounds per square foot, so be ready with help for moving and laying out the liner.

EasyPro Pond Products LPK EPDM Rubber Liner Repair Kit

Rubber pond liners are one of the easiest and cheapest way to build a reliable, high quality pond. They are flexible, tough and built to last many years when installed under the ground. There are two types of rubber liners that have become popular for building ponds or other liquid containment situations. These are EPDM and Butyl rubber liners.