Shield your stroller from messes and spills with the seat liner.

FIG. 6 illustrates another form of infant seat liner of the invention; and

UPPAbaby Seat Liner

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  • In accordance with the invention, a first form of infant seat liner has a unitary body of sheet material with an upper shoulder supporting section, a central section and a lower leg supporting section. The central section is enlarged relative to a lower end portion of the lower leg supporting section. Inwardly directed slits extend from the side edges of the central body section. These slits permit portions of the central section adjacent the slits to overlap one another when the body is positioned in an infant seat.

    The preferred embodiments of the present invention have a number of features which individually and collectively allow these designs to function as extremely versatile infant car seat liners for a wide variety of infant car seat styles and sizes.

  • We love stroller Seat Liners because they protect your stroller and offer a fun way to change its appearance. The bugaboo Seat Liner is made of bamboo charcoal twill fabric which wicks away moisture and protects from accidental spills – it’s even machine washable. The Seat Liner also offers additional padding to keep baby comfortable on long days in the stroller. The Liner is compatible with all bugaboo strollers and attaches with Velcro® slit openings.

    The lower section of this form of infant seat liner has plural, in this case three, crotch or leg strap receiving flaps, covered slots or openings which may be defined by cuts or perforations. These perforations or cuts can be of an upwardly facing U-shape. The use of plural lower strap receiving slots in combination with at least two shoulder strap positions facilitates the use of such a liner with a variety of styles of commercially available infant seats.

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  • Uppababy Seat Liner For Vista And Cruz Strollers

    In other embodiments of the invention, plural shoulder strap receiving slots or positions may be provided, with each such position being accessible from the adjacent side edge of the infant seat liner. The slots may be defined by upwardly facing U-shaped cuts or perforations. These perforations, and thus the slots, may communicate with the adjacent side edge of the liner by way of a single common slit or pathway. Alternately, each of the slotways may communicate with the adjacent side edge of the liner by way of a distinct pathway.

- Seat liner can be used with or without footmuff

In the infant seat liner 190 of FIG. 7, the upper body section 22 is rectangular and of a narrower transverse cross sectional dimension than the middle body section 24. Also, the shoulder strap receiving slotways 28, 30 assume a different form from those shown in FIGS. 1 and 6. More specifically, as described with respect to slotway 28, plural shoulder strap receiving slits 194, 196 and 198 are provided in the upper section 22. These slits each include a first leg section (i.e. 200 for slotway 194) extending inwardly from the side edge 34 of the infant seat liner and a second leg section (i.e. 202 for slotway 194) extending upwardly from the inner end of the first leg section. The first leg section extends in a direction generally perpendicular to the longitudinal center line of the infant seat liner, while the second leg section is generally parallel to the longitudinal center line. The slotways 194, 196 and 198 may be selectively openable by a user to accommodate the shoulder straps of the user's infant seat.