Learn how to properly clean your shower curtain liners.

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  • I have no data on this practice, but if I were to guess, I would say that most people opt to simply replace a moldy shower curtain liner with a new one. They’re inexpensive and can be purchased at drug stores or grocery stores or on Amazon in a snap. Right? Right. However, most shower curtain liners can’t be recycled, which means that vast swaths of mildewed plastic or vinyl end up in our landfills. That may not move you at all, which is why it should also be noted that cleaning a liner is cheaper than replacing it. We might only be talking about a difference of a few bucks, but why not save those few bucks and put them toward the purchase of something more exciting, like a new Chapstick or a liter of cola?

    Shower curtain liners come in a variety of materials, but for today’s purposes, we’ll stick with the three most common types: plastic, vinyl, and fabric. While all three types can be machine- or hand-washed, the advantage of plastic and vinyl liners is that they can also be spot-treated while they’re hanging around on the rod.

  • If you’ve got a front-loading washing machine (the type with a door that opens outwards from the front of the machine) and a drum that does not have a center agitator, washing your shower curtain liner, regardless of material, is going to be a cinch. (This is also true of top-loaders that don’t have a center agitator.)

    If you use a shower curtain liner, sooner or later you will get some soap, lime, and mildew buildup. Luckily, getting rid of it is easy with a washing machine.

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I will sheepishly admit that I'm not the best at homekeeping. Just like some people grow up with weak skills in personal finance, giving a good handshake, or putting on makeup, the "How to Take Care of a House" lessons went over my head during my formative years. So this apparently plainly obvious bathroom tip is brand new to me: Did you know you're supposed to trim shower curtain liners?