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Van Ness PureNess Sifting Cat Pan Liners;

Pureness Ebytra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners, 10 Count

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  • Van Ness Large Sifting Cat Pan Liners make litter pan maitenance easy. No need for a litter scoop - simply place the entire box of liners in your litter pan with the solid sheet on the bottom using the included rubber band to hold the liners securely in place. Place clumping cat litter ontop of the liners. As litter pan clean up is required simply remove one liner and sift. After 10 cleanings your clumping litter is ready for disposal - using the final solid sheet dispose of remaining old litter and start over. 1 mil thick for extra strength. 10 Count

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  • The Van Ness Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liner makes the cleanup process hassle-free when you have cats at home. This set of ten liners contain a rubber band that securely hold it in the bottom of a cat pan. The liners make your floors clean from litter spills and eliminate the need of scooping. The recycled plastic construction ensures years of utility. This cat pan liner has a metallic finish. It is tear resistant. The Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liner by Van Ness is made in the United States of America, which assures of its high quality.

    The Alfapet Sifting Pan Liners are easy to use and they mean no more scooping! Simply place all ten liners into the bottom of the litter tray, turn the edges over the sides, secure with the large elastic band provided and fill the litter tray with clumping litter. To remove the clumps, free the top liner, lift and hold over the tray and the good litter will sift through. Apply one of the twist ties included and discard. The bottom liner doesn't have any holes in it so you are able to transfer the good litter after the other nine are used.

    Please note: these are not designed for jumbo size litter pans.

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  • Exquisicat? Large Sifting Cat Pan Liners - 30 Ct

    Durable, Plastic Sifting Litter Box Lniers Make Clean-ups Easy - No More Scooping! Large Liners Fit Most Large Pans Up To 22" Long X 18" Wide.
    These Pan Liners Are A Great Way To Reduce Unwanted Odor And Keep Your Liter Box Clean. Line Your Pan Or Dome Styled Liter Box And Insure The Lines With An Elastic Band. Then Each Time You Need To Clean It, Just Separate On the ~side The Top Liner From The Stack. Draw It Together And Give It A Little Shake To Allow The Clean Liter To Fall Pack Into The Pan. Then Tosss It Out And You're Done! When You Get To The End Of The 30 Liners, Cause Your Pan A Thorough Cleaning, Put A New Set Of Liners In Plave, Add Some Kitty Liter And You're Good To Spree All Over Again. Made In Canada.

    Manufacturer: Exquisicat
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