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Silpat AE420295-07 Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, Half Sheet Size, 11-5/8" x 16-1/2"

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  • So what is so great about that? Glass is a ceramic and it heats up where as nylon doesn't. Silicone is an insulator so a regular silicone baking sheet liner actually reduces the heat transfer from your baking sheet to your food. The glass in the Silpat heats up better than metal thereby increasing the heat transfer to your food. This means that on a Silpat the bottom of your food will turn golden brown and delicious just like the top. Other liners not so much.

    The Silpat is made by a French company called Demarle that makes a wide variety of professional and home silicone cookware. And at the core of all of these (literally) is a glass mesh. Regular silicone baking sheet liners have a nylon mesh (or the like), but the Silpat silicone baking sheet liner has glass.

  • So now you are wondering if that is really so important. Yes it is. So much flavor is in that golden brown and delicous part that without it your food tastes bland and undercooked. The Silpat silicone baking sheet liner enhances the golden brown and delicious coating while still being completely non-stick. You only have to taste one cookie baked on one to be sold. That's why Martha Stewart called the Silpat the "Best Cookie Sheet."

    The Silpat silicone baking sheet liner is much more that a regular silicone baking sheet liner. It has all the great features of those other silicone baking sheet liners (it is completely non-stick and is so easy to wash up) that make them marvels in the kitchen. But it also has another trick up its sleeve that makes it a true kitchen wonder.

  • If you are going to purchase a silicone baking liner you should definitely go with the Silpat since you get enhanced cooking with no extra effort. Your food tastes better and clean up is easier. Sound like a win to me.

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The SIL-ECO Bread Mat is a perorated nonstick silicone baking liner. This tool allows moisture to seep through the mat to provide a perfect crusty, even browning finish. The SIL-ECO Brand Mat is reusable for thousands of uses when used and cared for properly. It is very easy to use and clean, as everything slides right off the mat.