Spray on bed liner material can vary in texture as well as color

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U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit w/ FREE Spray Gun, 6 Liters

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  • Bullhide Liner of the Inland Empire located in Spokane Washington, defies convention with their spray on liner and protective coating products mostly used for spray on truck bed liners, spray on pond and pool liners, spray on protective deck coatings and spray on industrial flooring options. Bullhide Liner of the Inland Empire, today reflected on its release of the Bullhide Liner formula over 25 Years ago, which has been in constant development and rigorously field tested ever since for the best product formula to coat and protect almost any surface. Bullhide just recently received a federal trademark for their special formula and bull as their logo. Bullhide Liner Spray On Liners are elastomeric urethane coatings. Any Bullhide Liner starts out as a liquid and when mixed with an activator, it becomes a solid rubber protective coating in 15 seconds that doesn’t shift or move but remains flexible so it doesn’t crack, bubble, flake or become brittle during cold temperature changes. The thick coating, which includes a top coat of the material that is intentionally splattered to create a very functional non-slip surface that is easy to clean.

    SPEEDLINER® is the world's toughest spray-on bed liner. Independent laboratory tests show SPEEDLINER® to be 80% stronger than competitors' spray-in bedliners. Your truck bed can withstand nearly twice the abuse of other spray on bed liners. Ask our competitors for their independent results and compare!

  • Mike Spring, Owner at Bullhide Liner, says: “Bullhide brings innovation and durability to the liner and protective coating industry with our special formula spray on liner. We can coat and protect almost any surface but our main products are spray on truck bed liners, pond liners, pool liners, and spray on liner decking and heavy duty protective flooring coatings.” Anyone familiar with the truck bed liner or pond liner market will probably have noticed how most other companies seem to be using inferior, premade or hard materials that don’t conform most effectively to the surfaces that are trying to be protected. This can be a problem because drop in or premade liners, for truck beds, don’t fit snug and can slip and move around. Most other types of liners on the market are made of hard non pliable material that can crack and break when bent or subject to impact or cold temperature change. Water and debris can get between most other types of liners creating cleaning and rust problems especially with the most common truck bed liners. Manufactured pool or pond liners have folds or tucks that create areas where dirt, algae and other debris can hide and are hard to clean which is the major problem with butel rubber most commonly used in today’s pond liner market.

    Spray on truck bed liners require a professional applicator who has the training and experience to follow the process and deliver a smooth, even surface. The process requires sanding to create a surface for the polyurethane to attach. This allows the polyurethane to bond permanently so it will not bubble even in extreme weather.

    Spray on Bed Liner Do It Yourself
    by Ivan Smith

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