STAEDTLER Pigmentliner Black Pen Set (Set of 4)

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Staedtler Pigment Liner Bonus Sketch, Set of 6 Liners, (308SB6P)

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  • What if a single drawing could somehow contain within it all the movement, energy and endless twists and turns in the entire world. Well, that's the rather ambitious goal of artist , who, with the help of his 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner pen, crafts dizzying fictional cityscapes that throb and pulse with the energy of an actual universe, or even a living organism.

    With his trusty black 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner pen in hand, Virginia-based artist Ben Sack illustrates sprawling cityscapes with obsessive detail. It’s not uncommon for Sack, who we first learned about Sploid, to use dozens of pens to create his astounding works, which take months to complete. Even more mind-boggling are some of the large sizes of his drawings, especially when considering the intricate layouts. “I can credit patience and a debilitating love for history and architecture,” Sack tells one commenter on his . The drawings reveal familiar buildings, bridges, and other architectural details, most with a European flair, but they are not unlike fantastical realms described in science fiction novels. Get lost in Sack’s inky megacities in our gallery. Visit the to purchase of his work.

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