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Triple Eight Helmet with Sweat Saver Liner, Black Rubber/Black, Medium

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  • FIG. 3 indicates a side view partially in elevation and partially in cross section of the disposable sweat liner as it would be secured to the sweat band of the safety hat utilizing the pressure-sensitive adhesive tabs;

    FIG. 1 indicates the configuration of the disposable sweat liner (5) prior to the application inside the safety hat noting the location of the three pressure-sensitive adhesive tabs (4) and that portion of said pressure-sensitive tabs to which pressure-sensitive adhesive material (8) has been applied.

  • Referring to FIG. 2, the disposable sweat liner (5) prior to actually securing to the existing headband (1) of a safety hat and indicating the relationship of an disposable sweat liner (5) to the existing headband (1), and to the existing webbing (2) typically found in a safety hat (3).

    FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the disposable sweat liner of the invention, showing the correct positioning and attachment of the disposable sweat liner to the sweat band forming part of a safety hat, and illustrating the location of the pressure sensitive tabs as they appear after attachment to the sweat band (in full lines), and also as they appear prior to attachment to the sweat band (in dashed lines).

    Brand: HEADLINE IT Medical Collection
    Description: HEADLINE IT Stop Sweat Liner is a necessity under wigs and headwear for people who desire added comfort and sweat elimination. This ultra thin, disposable liner was designed not only as a comfort barrier, but to STOP annoying sweat and oils from saturating your wig or headwear. The back side is a skin tone color to give a natural appearance under your wig cap. Each package includes TEN (10) individually wrapped liners.

  • Stop Sweat Liner Sale Price: $23.95

    Retail Price: $28.00

    Referring to FIG. 3, the disposable sweat liner (5) is placed inside a front center portion of the headband (1) of the safety hat in such a manner that the pressure-sensitive adhesive tabs (4) carrying adhesive (8) are inside and adjacent to the existing headband (1), with a wider, trapazoidally shaped pressure-sensitive adhesive tab being positioned inside the front center of said headband causing the two narrower pressure-sensitive adhesive tabs to be positioned inside and on either side of the headband approximately above the wearer's temple. The bottom edge of the sweat liner (5) is positioned even with the bottom edge of the sweat band (1) in the safety hat.

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The disposable sweat liner for safety hats described in the application would be the solution in that it alleviates the four problems in the foregoing paragraph.