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  • Both tattoo machine liners and shaders are very important for a perfect tattoo work. Especially for tattoo artists, a good tattoo machine is the best friend and your business partner. There are several tips for you to choose the best ones: 1). Choose a tattoo gun friendly to your hands. A tattoo machine that’s too big or too small will become unwieldy and burdensome. There are tattoo machines that come in a variety of sizes. There is a size that is sure to be the perfect fit for your grip. 2). Choose a tattoo gun that can automate the speed, the depth and the pressure applied by the needle. Tattooing is all about precision, and if you can set this part of craft to autopilot, the tattoo processing will be easier and your design implementation will be more efficient. 3). Choose a tattoo gun that really has 2 electromagnetic coils, because some tattoo machines are still powered by a single electromagnetic coil which will adversely affect speed and depth.

    As their names imply, Liners are used for creating the outlines and detail work for tattoos, and shaders are used to create the colors that fill the lines. The main difference in the way the two machines are built is in the coils. A liner has smaller coils, and is also built to be held in a more upright position. The shader is built to be held at an angle. A liner iron holds special liner needles. Liner needles consist of a bar to which a small number of needles are soldered into a very small area. One needle may be used for very fine details, although this is rare. As many as nine or ten needles may be used for very thick outlines. A group of three needles is typically used for most outline work. A liner is often called a “round”. This is because the liner needles are always arranged in a circular pattern. Since the shader covers larger areas of skin, it may hold many more needles than a liner. It also has larger coils, delivering more power to cover those larger areas of skin. Shader needles are typically arranged into two rows of needles in a flat shape. You may hear a professional refer to a shader as a magnum, or mag. However, there is an easy way to distinguish tattoo machine liners and shaders, that is, liner needles are arranged in a round shape, like a pencil, and shader needles are arranged in a long, flat configuration, like a paint brush or roller.

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